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Ebook Giveaway & Review: A Dom is Forever by Lexi Blake

by on December 6, 2012

A Dom is Forever – Book 3

If you have yet to read any of Lexi Blakes Masters and Mercenaries Series, you are totally depriving yourself. I mean like, not having a piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving type of deprivation. If you purchase any new books for yourself or for gifts this holiday season, pick these up for sure, you won’t regret it!


The Dom Who Loved Me -Book 1

The Dom Who Loved Me -Book 1

The newest book in the series is, A Dom is Forever. It was preceded by The Dom Who Loved Me, and The Men with the Golden Cuffs, both of which sit near the top of my all time favorite BDSM stories list. The series follows a team of ex-military/mercenaries who happen to also be mouth wateringly sexy Dom’s, and just like the first two books, the third one had me captivated by page two.  I couldn’t wait to post a review for all of you, but I promise, there will be NO spoilers, so you can safely read all the way through to the end, and then go pick up your copy. You’ll thank me later. 😉


A Dom is Forever, starts with the intriguing premise of two characters that have both faced great tragedy in their lives. Avery has fought her way through grief to forgiveness, while Liam has avoided facing his own history and instead has immersed himself in the dangerous rather violent world of the McKay-Taggert Agency. I related Liam to so many men that I’ve met, because he has immersed himself in crazy chaotic danger to avoid dealing with his past. His heroine, Avery, is Liam’s newest assignment, as it is believed she is involved in a gun running scheme with the charitable organization she works for. He is asked to cozy up to Avery to figure out how far in the shit pile she actually is.

The Men with the Golden Cuffs - Book 2

The Men with the Golden Cuffs – Book 2

Liam O’Donnell is a pushy and arrogant Dom; that very quickly develops a soft spot for the extraordinary strength of character that Avery Charles has. I loved that this was a heroine with flaws in her character as well as in her physical being. She had weaknesses, and self-confidence issues that anyone-male or female-could relate to.  She is as sassy as she is submissive, and I found myself laughing out loud at her feisty comments multiple times.

I have to admit I didn’t like Liam much after reading the first two books, but he absolutely captured my heart in this book.  His protectiveness towards Avery was sexy, but when he turned on the Dom it was wicked hot. This book has BDSM themes, but I wouldn’t say that it was heavy in that niche. It had erotic love scenes that never got over the top kinky, but remained sexy.  I know I promised no spoilers so I’ll be very vague, but the shower scene is burned into my brain forever and ever now. Lexi Blake has a fantastic way of writing that is very emotive, and draws you into the characters heads so that you can feel what they are feeling.

The plot picked up steam in the last several chapters, and there were multiple surprises that kept me guessing. If you enjoy any kind of suspense in your books, then you will love this one. In this book we were able to check in on Adam and Jake and their new wife Serena (Book 2: The Men with the Golden Cuffs), as well as get a front row ticket into the magic bred from Sean and Grace (Book 1 The Dom Who Loved Me). I love those little moments where we get a look back, they remind me of how much I love the first books.

We also got more information in this story about Alex, Eve, and Ian, and two new characters Simon & Damon came into play. I have to admit Ian has had my attention from book 1, and now that I know more about him I’m itching to read his story. A big bad ass Dom who has been burned by a woman in the past when he tried to love…mmmhmm, can’t wait to sink my teeth into him…er…umm..I mean into it. The book. 😉 Keep track of her newest WIP on Lexi’s website

When I let Lexi know that I was posting a review of her book on my blog, she generously offered up a free ebook to one lucky reader! So leave a comment letting us know you’ve been here, and you will be entered into the drawing for one of Lexi’s fabulous ebooks!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance~Lori

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  1. A WINNER had been picked!!! Congratulations Melanie!!! You should find an email from me in your inbox shortly with information about obtaining your ebook from Lexi! Thank you everyone for participating, and Thank you Lexi!~Lori

  2. Cathy V permalink

    I love this series! This book is on my To-buy list (hopefully soon with all the GC’s I get for Christmas!) I’m looking forward to Ian’s story as well… Ian… num num num!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Murach permalink

    Would totally love to win A Dom Is Forever!! Great review and giveaway! Happy Holidays to everyone:)

  4. I love this series. Its sexy and thrilling. Each book grabs you and leaves screaming wanting to know what happens next. I cannot wait to read Alex and Eves story and Ians will be huge:) I look forward to reading this series for a very long time.

  5. Luna permalink

    I do get a giggle out of the book titles… so James Bond-ish LOL or is that James Bondage 😉

  6. Madelina permalink

    This looks really good!

  7. Cherie Clark permalink

    I was here, hehe I love Lexi… Bring on Eves story then Ians. woohoo

  8. Wendy blanco permalink

    Love love love. Have read them all and have reminders for upcoming !

  9. Kathy permalink

    I have read all the books, except the Liam’s story. I have been eagerly waiting for it. My final is next Monday so have to wait till then to read it.

  10. Love all of Lexi’s books…I have read them all…can’t get enough…

  11. Courtney Henderson permalink

    I love Lexi Blake! Thanks Lori and Lexi.

  12. Sapphire permalink

    I love the masters and mercenaries series. Such a brilliant balance between suspense, erotica & romance. Lexi Blake is a very addictive writer I can’t reccomend these books enough.

  13. Love the writing style of Lexi Blake and look forward to more of her books to read in the future. Way to go Lexi! Loved the Dom books.

  14. shaynarenee33 permalink

    Love Love Love all of her books! Go get them people!!! 😉

  15. Diana F. permalink

    O.k. So I am supposed up be getting ready for my sons birthday party this weekend and I CANNOT get anything done because I am so completely addicted to this series! I am trying sooooo very hard not to read A Dom is Forever until I am ready for this party, but I am so weak for these men! Love love love Lexi Blake…cannot wait for the next book!

  16. Becki Wyer permalink

    I love Lexi’s books. This is a great series.

  17. Marcella permalink

    Loved the entire series can not wait for the next one to be released

  18. Allison Motherway permalink

    I love your books. I re-read them all the time!
    amotherway @ aol (dot)com

  19. Lisa w permalink

    This series is amazing!! I didn’t think she could top the first, but WOW! I think I loved the 3rd even more! Can’t wait for the next one!

  20. I love Lexi Blake’s books! I would love to win this book & read it!


  21. Marie Brown permalink

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Lexi Blake and her books! I love these type of books and Lexi knows just how to capture the readers attention from start to finish! ❤

  22. Melanie permalink

    Love Lexi’s books! Can’t wait to read this one!

  23. OOOO I loooove Lexi!! Her books are wonderful! Would looove to win 🙂 (Oh and been here hahah)

  24. ooooh! Lexi is a fab writer! She’s one of my very favs. Right up there with Kally and Cherise!


  25. I’m so glad to know there are 2 others before this one. I was going to reward myself with this book, but I’ll go back and start at the beginning! Thanks!!

  26. Tina D permalink

    I have been here and I love me some Lexi 🙂

  27. Ooh….can’t wait to read this one! This has to be one of my favourite series…….:)

  28. Jessica Hansen permalink

    Good Morning!
    I love Lexi’s books. Its sad but I have not read Liam’s book yet. I like to read on the order I buy them there’s a few ahead yet. I’ll get there!
    ♡ Jessica

  29. Kimmi permalink

    Lexi writes such sexy romance books. The men are always big strong willed and have enough sec appeal to keep you on the edge of your seat. The women are sweet but have strong side and are sexy on the inside and outside. And her stories always touch something’s me. And has me asking for more. Thanks for letting me post here Lori and leaving my two cents ❤

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