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Six Sentence Sunday: Legacy of the Wolf (Part E)

by on December 1, 2012

“Two can play at this game, stud.”

She gave him a good, solid shove, sending him backward a step until his ass was perched on the edge of the kitchen table. His look of startled fascination urged her on, and she fell to her knees between his spread thighs. Reaching out to grasp his long cock in her small hand, she gently traced the curve of it from corona to balls and back.

“So soft to touch, but hard as steel,” she murmured more to herself than to him. The hissing noise he made when she darted her tongue out to lap at the bead of pre-cum on the tip was enough to make her smile wickedly at him from under her lashes, “Ready for the cream, big guy?”

Legacy of the Wolf: The Gray Pack Book 3, comes out January 8, 2013!

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love liked today is your only chance~Lori

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  1. siobhanmuir permalink

    I love a woman how knows how to tease a man in the right way. Hot six, Lori. 🙂

  2. WHOOHOO Cant wait!!!!! ❤

  3. Thank you Lori…..Love this tease…..I really think I’m going to like Shandi….think she is my kinda girl

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