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Real Men Don’t Sound Like That! by Guest Author: Willa Edwards

by on November 27, 2012

Fellow Siren Sister Willa Edwards, has graciously agreed to stop by for a visit, and she brought along her hot new release! Check it out….

I’ll be the first to admit that I have trouble writing men. Maybe it’s that Men are from Mars Women are from Venus thing, or maybe it’s my lack of a significant other bringing male ideas and words into my surround area (though I work with a lot of men so I think that might help some). But whatever the reason is I’ve always had trouble seeing the world through my hero’s eyes.

That was until I wrote Foolish Desire. While I was writing this book, something clicked for me. Will helped me realize what I’d been doing wrong all this time. Word choice. Why I didn’t think of it before, I don’t know. After all, I’m a writer, words are my trade. But the more I wrote Will, the more I realized there were words he just couldn’t use.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get certain words to sound right in his mouth. Words like lovely, scrumptious and cerulean. And the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t picture any man saying them. Which brought me to the realization, there are some words that no man will actually use. Men use much smaller, simpler words. Just like their personalities, men want to get down to business as quick as possible. They won’t spend a lot of time on descriptions or small talk. It’s why we love them, and why they drive us crazy all at the same time.

And when I thought of all the words men wouldn’t use, it also brought me to thinking of all the words men use a lot more than women do. Like tits. I can’t think of many instances when I’ve heard a woman refer to her own anatomy that way, but I’ve heard men say it many times.  Men just have a different vocabulary then women do.

Just like your word choice can show characters for who they real are, word choice gives heroes that gruff exterior that makes us all melt and that forceful determination that they’re going to get their girl.

Now when I’m writing a hero I really think, is this a word a man would use? Is this a word I can envision my father or brother using, or my boss? If I can I let it ride. Otherwise it needs to be changed.  I hope that now my heroes sound like real men, breaking down their girl’s resistance, just like they do mine.

Here’s a little snippet of my most recent release, Foolish Desire, with the hero that helped me realize just how real men sound. I hope you enjoy it.

Amy has never felt special. She’s shy, awkward and clumsy to boot. No one ever noticed her, especially not hunky guys like Will, except for maybe when she was tripping over her own feet. Until an April Fool’s prank goes too far, and for the first time Amy is the center of Will’s interest, and she’s rather liking the arrangement. But does he want all of her, or just the woman who likes getting naughty to an audience.

Will has always been a joke. And he never minded, playing the jester to a tee, until he met Amy. She’s far too sweet, too innocent, too serious, for a guy like him. But when his April Fool’s prank shows him a whole new side of Amy, he can’t pretend look away any longer. But can a fool like Will keep a girl like Amy? Or will he end up being the butt of his own joke?


Will chuckled, pressing his lips to her throat as his hand slid beneath the elastic waistband of her underwear. His fingers tangled through the curls between her legs. Will sucked the pulse point at the base of her throat, lightly nipping the skin as his touch continued to brush figure eights across her pussy. His lips teased and tormented her, but never pushing far enough to grant her relief.

Amy tightened her fingers in Will’s hair. She threw her head back, offering him more space to explore.

His fingers slid between her pussy lips, slipping through her slick flesh. Her entire body vibrated at the touch, her legs quivering. Will’s thumb circled her clit, and she would have completely melted into a pool of honey if she hadn’t already been turned into a sticky mess by his tantalizing touches. Will released the flesh of her throat. His deep hot exhales gusted across her neck and chest as he continued to circle the tight bud of her clit. She held onto his shoulders tighter, needing the support.

A thick finger thrust inside her, and she almost cried out. Her eyes slid closed, and her breathing deepened. Her nipples rubbed against the lacy cups of her bra until they ached. Will pulled his touch from her, and she moaned softly at the retreat. Her fingernails gripped the white tablecloth to prevent herself from reaching for his hand and thrusting it back inside her. She arched her hips in silent invitation, begging for more with her body, since her vocal cords were currently out of order.

Will laughed, his lips brushing her cheek. He pushed a wicked finger back into her, giving her clit a pinch once he was seated to the hilt. She wiggled in her seat, bucking against him, with him, until her entire body was alight with sensation, oblivious to all else.

“Open your eyes, sweetie. Look at all the other people here.”

Amy’s eyes flew wide. In the sweet bliss of Will’s fingers fucking her, she’d almost forgotten where they were. In a restaurant full of people. People who’d know all too well what Will did to her beneath the table if she did not maintain control.

No one sat too close to them, offering them some privacy in the dining room. But across the room an older couple, around the same age of her grandparents, sat enjoying a meal. The older man slurped down soup, while the woman next to him rattled off a story. In the other corner of the room a family twirled their spaghetti and laughed.

Amy opened her mouth to tell Will to stop, to convince him they needed to be more appropriate in public, but the words caught in her throat as he rubbed her clit in a tight circle, his finger still stuffed deep inside her. She couldn’t breathe. The pleasure vibrated through her, starting in her clit and twirling outward, tightening her nipples. Goose bumps broke out across her chest and the back of her neck.

She watched the others in the restaurant, oblivious of the naughty movements of Will’s fingers beneath the table, and her temperature skyrocketed. Her pussy clutched on his fingers, the moisture between her legs multiplying. A smirk expanded across Will’s face, making her want to punch him and kiss him at the same time.

He swirled his fingers inside her, and the idea of doing either vanished. Her entire being focused on just breathing.

“Will, please…” Her hand grabbed at his shirt, desperate and needy as she’d never been before.

He dipped his head, pressing his lips to her throat, sucking on the skin before whispering in her ear. “Please what? Stop or keep going?”

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Thank you so much Willa for visiting. I know I will be adding this one to the top of my TBR list!

As always readers, don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance~Lori

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  1. Hi Willa,
    Great except. I heard a best selling author say in an interview that her heroes talk very little, which I though was interesting too.

    Great job on your guy.

    • Willa Edwards permalink

      Thanks MorganKWyatt.

      I agree with that author. Some guys tend to be the strong silent type. Especially those yummy ubermasculine ones. But definitely not Will. Partly because Amy is so quiet, he needs to be the talker.

  2. Great excerpt! Wow!

    • Willa Edwards permalink

      Thank you so much Vallory. Will and Amy definitely have some very hot moments 😀

  3. I’ve always liked the “shorthand” that men use when talking to each other. One of my best friends in college once made a hand gesture when I asked him what he thought of a guy I was interested in. I laughed, because without a word he told me the guy was a “stroke”. One of my recent favorites was the 2-page letter that a football player sent to a politician urging another team’s manager to censure a player for his pro-tolerance attitude towards gay marriage. The player used swear words as if they were colors in a painting…it was artful! He even used a word I didn’t know, but could guess the meaning of by the context.

    I think women are better at writing men dialogue than men are at writing females speech because we usually pay more attention to what is being said and the nuances involved.

    • Willa Edwards permalink

      You’re probably right Fiona. I know when reading a few male author’s representations of women or very female things I’m often blown away by how inaccurate or unrealistic it is. (I read a scene in a Stephen King novel where he described a female character having her period and drove me nuts. I wanted to write him a letter on how badly he protrayed it). I don’t know if its paying attention or if female authors are just more interested in getting their guys right, ie willing to admit they don’t know it all. But I agree, I think women tend to capture the opposite sex better then men do. But I’d love to read male author’s take on it. It would be interesting.

  4. Keep going, Will. Keep going!! Delicious excerpt. 😉

    You hit on such a good topic there, Willa. Sometimes you read “guy” dialogue and it sounds like they are poets when they’re supposed to be tough guys shooting bullets and kicking arse. 😛

    Your story is going on my TBR pile!

    • Willa Edwards permalink

      Thanks Fiona. I completely agree. I had an editor once who wanted me to have a hero say that the heroine’s face looked lovely, and all I could think is, I can’t imagine any guy actually saying that. I know there was also an blog post I read a while ago talking about how fashion concious some heroes are, that they know the difference between pumps and wedges and even worse know actual designers by looking at certain clothes. I’ve always kept that in mind. Because no guy I know would have any clue what a designer shoe looked like 😀

  5. Willa Edwards permalink

    Thank you so much for having me Lori. It’s a pleasure to be here.

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