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Funnies: Hard of Hearing

by on November 15, 2012

There were 2 golfers on the Golf Course.

One of the men pulled out a cigarette, and asked his friend for a light.

His Friend Pulls out a 12 inch Bic Lighter.

“Wow! where did you get such a large Bic?”

“Oh this?, my genie got it for me.”

“Your Genie? Yoh have a genie? Where is he?”

“He is in my golf bag.”

The frined says, “can I see him?”

His friend says “yes, sure!” So the friend looks in the bag and out comes the genie.

The man says to the genie: “I am your master’s best friend. Would you grant me just one wish?”

The genie says “Yes, but just one.”

So, the man thinks for a moment and says “Genie, I wish for a Million Bucks.”

The genie looks at him, nods and dissapears back into the golf bag without saying a word.

Pretty soon, the sky starts to get dark, even though it is still only just after noon. It gets even Darker.

The man looks up and sees ducks. There are ducks everywhere. there has to be at least a million of them!

The man gets real upset and says “what is the matter with your genie? Is he hard of hearing? I said a million Bucks, not a million Ducks!”

His frine turns to him with a wry smile and says “Do you REALLY think I asked for a 12 Inch BIC?”

Keep Laughing!!!


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  1. Cherie Clark permalink

    That is absolutely fabulous. Love love love it. Cheers.

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