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Blindfolded Beauty-An Erotic Short

by on November 13, 2012


She was aware of him the moment he entered the room. His spicy masculine scent flooded her nostrils, and her pussy throbbed. The blind fold heightened her other four senses, and her body was taut with apprehension. She was having second thoughts, but she wasn’t ready to say her safe word yet. This was about letting go of her hang ups, and releasing control to someone else.  The man in the room didn’t know her, and she preferred it that way. With her eyes covered and her hands tied above her head, she wouldn’t be able to see or feel any revulsion or rejection on the strangers face.

She was plump, perhaps even fat in society’s eyes, but her soft stomach was the result of going through two pregnancies, and two miscarriages. Her round ass was a carbon copy of her mother’s, and her heavy breasts had nursed her babies for their first year.

Her clit ached as he gently ran one fingertip from her ankle to the top crease of her thigh, and then back to the arch of her foot. The air left her lungs, and her mouth went dry when the finger was replaced by a tongue that traced the same erotic path.

His hot breath warmed the soft skin of her womanly thighs, teeth scraping gently over the round of her hip. He moved across her belly to her deep belly button dimple and let his tongue slip into the cavity. Her pussy was dripping with her juices and she whimpered at the sensual touch of his hands on her upper thighs. He gripped them tightly in his large hands and spread them wide so that he could slide between them. She expected him to touch her moist folds, but instead he bent to lick her collarbone, and then he kissed her gently.

Her mouth dropped open reflexively, and his tongue licked across her teeth. He swallowed her kittenish mewling sounds and nibbled her now swollen bottom lip. She licked at his tongue, and was rewarded with a thrust of his rigid cock against her burning clit.

This man was a complete stranger to her, but the feeling of his erection grinding against her sensitive pussy was more intimate than she had expected. She jerked, and tugged at her bonds, desperate to touch him, to show him the pleasure he was giving her. His mouth left hers, and kissed a wet trail down to her erect nipples. She moaned loudly as he sucked one hard tip into his mouth, and pinched the other. Dual sensations that triggered an even more intense wave of lust in her trembling body.

His free hand moved down her body in a feather soft stroke that prickled across her skin manifesting in goosebumps. Touching her everywhere while only touching her minutely. It was painfully erotic. His fingers finally met their destination, and slid through her wet labia. Plucking at her clit gently, while teasing her sensitive pussy lips.

She cried out gasping for air as the orgasmic pressure tightened in her chest. One more stroke, just one more touch and she would reach her climax. But he knew that; this master of seduction, and the current owner of her body. He sensed her climbing the peak, and he pulled back. Instead of pressing his large fingers inside of her, he took her nipples between his soft lips and bit her. Her back arched pressing her breasts against his face, as she yelped with discomfort.

A momentary wave of anxiety washed over her, as he cupped her pussy with his hand, and suckled at her now tender breast. This stranger was pushing her, to see how far he could take her, and it was very unsettling. She wanted him now, with a need that was almost barbaric.

He continued to nibble and lick every inch of her skin until she was crying actual tears of desperation. Finally,  he bent close to her ear, and whispered softly, “What do you want?”

She panted and groaned out her reply, “You, Sir! Please!”

Without hesitation he suddenly thrust his cock deep inside of her, slamming the corona against her cervix painfully. He was enormous. She had never felt so full of cock in her life. Her body clenched down on him milking him with her muscles, and she wrapped her legs around his lean hips to hold him tightly to her.

She began rubbing her sensitive nipples against his hard chest as he settled some of his weight on top of her to hold her still. His body was lean and muscular; she could feel his hands on either side of her shoulders bracing the bulk of his body weight away from her. She felt surrounded, and even cherished. His balls slapped against her ass making a smacking sound that drove her nuts. He pulled almost completely out before plunging balls deep inside of her aching cunt.

“Tell me what you want?” He growled into her throat.

“Please! Fuck me hard!” She screamed as he tilted his hips until his pubic bone rode her clit sending her soaring into a starry oblivion of passion. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

She heard his responding growl of satisfaction as he pumped his cum deep into her. Blessed heat filled her belly, until she could feel it leaking down over her asshole. Her shoulders ached with the strain of the muscles against the bindings, and her skin still rippled with electricity. After several moments she felt the bindings pulled free from her wrists, and he lifted away from her body.

Before he left he moved closer to her head again to kiss her tenderly on the lips before he said, “You were perfect, love. I would enjoy seeing you again soon.”


Love like today is your only chance! ~Lori

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  1. Loved this….hot and steamy …. Wanted more

  2. Stacy Wilson permalink

    Expand this!! This can EASILY become a full book! LOVED it!!!


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