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Whispers in the Dark with Susan Hayes

by on October 30, 2012

For a special Halloween treat I’ve invited Siren author Susan Hayes to share her new release Whispers in the Dark with us, HOWEVER, she did me one better and brought her characters with her! Read  on, and have a Happy Halloween….

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Oh, there you are! Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m your hostess for the evening, Susan Hayes. I’m the author of Whispers in the Dark. It’s wonderful you could come tonight, I appreciate it.

I must apologize for the lack of proper lighting. I really should have included a suggestion to bring along a flashlight when I sent out the invitations for tonight’s interview. Keeping everything dark and gloomy was the only way I could get Vlad to agree to attend. You know how vampires are. Everything has to be cast in menacing shadows or they get terribly cranky about the lack of ambiance. And believe me; you do not want to see that vampire in a sulk. It tends to be… messy.

Not that you’re in any danger. After all I’m hardly going to let anyone lay a hand on my readers, especially not a centuries old vampire with a bad attitude.  And of course Gareth Harkness is here too.  There’s nothing like having a professional vampire hunter around to keep the villain from getting too frisky. Supernatural genetics seems to really work for that man. I hate to admit this, but I’m more than a little jealous of Kyra for landing him as a blood-bonded mate.

I haven’t chatted with these characters in a while, but the timing is perfect. Their story: Whispers in the Dark, was released by Siren Publishing just last month, so I’m looking forward to getting the gang back together. Well, most of the gang. Kyra won’t be joining us tonight. I can’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to share a room with Vlad either if I’d been through what she has. She muttered something about staking him on sight and I decided none of us needed to see that. Not to mention the fact I hate having to pay the dry cleaning bill for removing bloodstains. Talk about pricey!

This is it. If you want to take a seat just over there, I’ll get the boys. I had to leave them in separate rooms. Unresolved issues I’m afraid. But they’ve both given their word they’ll behave once we start the interview. Grab yourself a drink and get comfy. Just don’t drink the stuff that looks like tomato juice. That’s Vlad’s uh…private stock.

* * * *

I pick up Gareth first, for security reasons of course. He’s a dhampir and a vampire hunter, and I’d be a fool not to have him with me when I go to fetch Vlad. Quite logical really, and nothing at all to do with the fact Gareth is six foot three and looks like sin incarnate. He’s waiting by the door when I show up, wearing his favorite leather jacket and a pair of faded jeans that fit him to perfection. Those gorgeous hazel eyes of his are full of good humor as he greets me. He’s a lot happier these days. It’s nice to see that Kyra’s been good for him.

“Hey Gareth. Good to see you again.”

“Nice to see you too.”  I get a friendly hug that gives me access to all sorts of interesting anatomy. Yum. “I don’t suppose we can just forget Vlad’s supposed to be part of this too?”  His voice is a deliciously low grumble and I know he’s less than thrilled at meeting up with his vampiric ancestor.

“He’s got a big part in the story, you can’t leave him out. And you did wind up with the girl in the end, right?”

“Damn right.”  He shoots me an accusatory look. “Not that you made it easy for me.”

“What’s life without its little challenges?” I know I’m giving him a totally goofy grin, but the man has a way of making my brain melt just a little around the edges. It has to be something about all those muscles.

We head across the hall to Vlad’s room and I knock. Gareth is standing right behind me, close enough I can feel his body heat.  Yeah, I am definitely jealous of Kyra right now.

“Enter.”  Vlad’s got a voice that would make an angel consider sinning. Deep, dark and with just a hint of an accent.

“You’re not going in there.”  Gareth drops a hand onto my shoulder, keeping me right where I am.

“You always did have the manners of a barbarian, Harkness.” Vlad opens the door and smiles at us, flashing his canine teeth. His dark hair comes down to his shoulders and his eyes are nearly black in the dim light of the hall. Unlike Gareth, Vlad’s dressed for the occasion; his black Armani suit is set off by a silk tie the color of freshly spilled blood. It’s the only colour in his entire outfit. His shirt is the same stark white as his skin. “I’m hardly going to drain her, or you for that matter. There’s no need for the whole protective caveman routine.”

“Nice tie.”  I need to keep this moving along before the two of them start thumping their chests, or each other.

“You’re a woman of exquisite taste, my dear. Or at least I imagine you are. One day I do hope you’re going to let me find out.”

“Behave yourself, Vlad.”  He may be handsome, but there’s no way I am ever letting him sink his fangs into me. I know where that mouth has been. Ugh.

I take both of them by the hand and lead them back to where I left our guests, trying to ignore the fact Vlad’s skin is cold and he’s holding my hand just a little tighter than he needs to.

We make it back and direct them both their chairs. Vlad moves with a silent grace as he takes his seat on one side of me, while Gareth drops into his chair with a hint of impatience.

“Guys, these are the people I’ve been telling you about. They’re here to find out a bit more about you and your story.”

“My story is far more interesting than his.” Vlad’s eyes gleam in the darkness and I can tell he’s enjoying being this close to warm-blooded prey.  “I’m sure they’d rather hear about me than the half-breed.”

I decide to ignore his comment and continue with introductions.  “Everyone, this is Vladamir, though I am sure you know him better as Count Dracula. And the man to my right is Gareth Harkness, a dhampir and member of the Brethren, a group of men and woman who hunt vampires.”

“Cursed Hunters, mucking up a perfectly good food supply with their “protect the poor humans” policy,”  Vlad sneers and then reaches out a hand for the glass that is now floating over from the side board.  That vampire cannot help showing off.

“Why don’t we start by talking about the fact you two of you have a fair bit in common considering you’re sworn enemies?” I glance over at Gareth, who shrugs his powerful shoulders and sighs.

“We don’t really like to talk about it.”

You don’t like to talk about it, half-breed. I have no such reservations. Gareth is my spawn, of a sort. I tried to turn his great-great-grandmother. Tasty little morsel named Mina. It turns out she was pregnant at the time. I had no idea of course. I was more interested in adding her to my harem and staying ahead of her husband and his merry band of thugs. As it turns out interesting things happen when a vampire turns a pregnant mortal.” Vlad flicks a manicured finger in Gareth’s direction. “Things like him.”

Gareth is glowering now. “We’re called dhampir, and I am not your spawn, you twisted escapee from Hell. We’re born with supernatural gifts that make us effective vampire hunters. We can sense a vampire’s presence, and we’re both stronger and faster than normal humans.”

“You forgot about your incredible stamina,” I murmur, recalling some of the smoking hot sex scenes Gareth has in the book.  Is it getting warm in here?

“Oh please,” Vlad interjects, his tone dripping disdain. “I’ve been alive for centuries beyond count. That whelp doesn’t know the first thing about pleasing a woman. Kyra could have had an eternity of pleasure, but instead she’s settling for … him.”

“You have to admit, your courtship was a bit brutal,” I point out.

“You mean psychotic.” Gareth snarls and leans forward so he can peer around me to glare at Vlad. “You were stalking her, sending her blood drenched flowers, and leaving corpses as presents. That’s no way to win a woman’s heart.”

“It all depends on the woman.”

“Well my woman wasn’t impressed.” My eyes catch a glint of light on metal and I realize Gareth is holding a dagger in his hand. I’m pretty sure it’s been blessed, which means Vlad’s vulnerable to it.

“Hey, you promised to behave yourself!” This isn’t going to end well, I can just tell.

“I did, and I will. So long as he doesn’t forget himself,” Gareth points the knife point at Vlad. “I don’t trust him.”

“We have that in common, half-breed.” Vlad is still sipping his drink and it’s staining his lips a rather unbecoming shade of red.

“You could stop provoking him, Vlad,” I point out.

“And where would the fun be in that?” I can hear a faint lisp and I know without even looking that Vlad’s fangs have dropped into place. Both men stand and I have to scramble to get between them.

“Guys?  Do I need to call Kyra to set you both straight? You know she’s not afraid of either of you.”

“She’s too brave for her own damned good,” Gareth grumbles and sits back down. “She’s a fully trained Hunter now. She won’t let me go out hunting without her.”

“How sweet,” Vlad drawled. “Her courage was one of the things that drew me to her from the beginning.” He sits down as well. “She was vibrant and fearless, and she tasted like honeyed wine, so delicious. A pity she turned out to have such poor taste in mates.”

I feel a breeze as something goes whooshing past my face. It slams into the wall behind Vlad and I realize its Gareth’s dagger.

I stand up and manage to get myself back between the two men before they come to blows. I never thought I’d be unhappy at finding myself the filling in a sexy manwich,

But having two men contemplating murder while you’re crushed between them isn’t much fun.

I think this is a good place to end tonight’s interview. If you’d like to get to know Gareth, Vlad and Kyra better there are copies of their story available in the lobby, and of course at Siren Publishing’s website. Thank you all for coming.


WOW and Double WOW! These two are like oil and water, and I would think that any woman willing to take on even one of them should be recognized for saint hood! Thank you so much for sharing Susan Hayes!

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween, and don’t forget to LIve, Laugh, and LOve like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. Thanks for hosting me Lori. The boys and I had a blast doing that interview! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween. Stay safe and remember, Bite-sized candy bars have no calories! (trust me)

    • Thank you so much for visiting Susan! I loved meeting your guys! And isn’t that why they call them “fun size” candy bars??? 😛

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