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Tonya Ramagos invites us to visit The Service Club

by on October 26, 2012

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Hello readers! I’m Tonya Ramagos and one of the hunky heroes of The Service Club took time out of his crazy schedule to squeeze in a meeting with me to talk about the club and the woman of his heart, Justice McCall. Cade Mason is a public defender in the town of Horn Hill, AL and we all know how busy attorneys can be. 

Allow me to set the stage for you. As I enter Cade’s office, I find him sitting behind his desk painting the perfect picture of a hard-edge cowboy upholding the legal system. Relaxed in his high-back office chair with his booted feet propped on the corner of the desk, I see he’s wearing a crisp button-down shirt stretching over broad shoulders made for a woman to hold on tight. Rather than the slacks one would expect to see on an attorney in the office, he’s wearing blue jeans and his suit jacket is draped over the back of his chair. He greets me with a voice as smooth as molasses and a smile that rocks me to my toes. He invites me to have a seat and we get straight to the good stuff.

“As I told you on the phone, Mr. Mason—” I begin.

“Call me Cade, darlin’,” he drawls.

“Cade.” I smile. “I have been invited to guest post on fellow author Lori King’s blog. Readers are interested in finding out more about you and Grant, your relationship with Justice, and The Service Club.”

“Grant won’t be able to make it. He’s gotten held up with a client, but I’ll try to tell you what you want to know.” Cade pauses and purses his lips. “Though I can’t tell you much about the club. That’s confidential knowledge.”

I knew he would say that. The Service Club was an elite group of men with careers in the public service profession who dominated and shared the women in their lives. While they were no longer really a secret in the town of Horn Hill, they didn’t publicize their members or their activities to those outside the club.

“Then tell me about yourself. We’ll start with the easy stuff. What’s your favorite sport?”

“Football. Did you see the preseason game between the Bucs and the Titans? Justice came to the ranch and watched it with me and Grant.”

“Justice loves football. The Titans are her team.”

“They sure weren’t that night. Let me tell you, darlin’, that game was one for the books. The Bucs won. First time that’s happened against the Titans since 2007.” His rich brown eyes darkened with the memory. “Justice was so confident the Titans wouldn’t lose that she dared to place bets against me and Grant.” His lips spread in a mischievous grin. “In the end, her loss put her right where we wanted her.”

“And you two kept her on edge for a full twenty-four hours wondering what you would make her to do pay up.”

Cade chuckled. “We did. Trust me, she enjoyed the hands on way we made her pay, too.”

“What’s your favorite bedroom toy?”

Cade lifts a brow. “Getting kind of personal now, aren’t you?”

“Well, this is a personal interview.”

“My favorite is whatever delivers Justice the most pleasure. My bedroom is fully stocked with everything Grant and I need to give her that.”

“Then allow me to rephrase. What seems to be her favorite toy?”

“So far, all of them. She’s partial to blindfolds, whips, and the Trinity swing.” His handsome face turns contemplative. “If I had to choose a favorite, I would go with the swing. Binding her while she suspended in the air, her amazing body at our mercy to pleasure and coax those sexy little screams from her beautiful throat… It drives me wild every time.”

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I squirm in my seat at the mental image of Justice being bound and helpless while her men have their way with her body. I might be a happily taken woman, but the idea of men like Cade and Grant taking control of my pleasures still turns me on.

“Do you prefer private sex or public?”

“Both have their advantages, especially where there are others around to lend a hand.”

Bingo! He finally opened the door for me to bring up the club. “Is that what happens at club meetings?”

He shakes his head. “Nice try, darlin’, but that’s privileged information.”

“Come on, Cade. You’ve got to give me something juicy to share with the readers.”

“I’ll give you better than that. I’ll invite you and your readers to the next meeting so you can see for yourselves what we do when we get together.”

“On a scale of one to ten, how hot do the meetings get when everyone joins together?”

“That all depends. Every meeting is different. Some would probably rate a three, others an eleven.” His lips unfold in a slow grin. “Then there are those that hit a forty-eight. It all depends on everyone’s mood and who is present. With our crazy schedules, not everyone can show up at every meeting.”

“What takes those particular meetings so far off the scale?”

Cade leans back in his chair and studies me through serious rich brown eyes. “Passion. Exploration. Love. The men in the club might be dominant but, when they find the right woman, she dominates their heart.”

My own heart lodges in my throat at the sincerity in his tone. “That’s sweet.”

He shrugs. “It’s the truth. We’re The Service Club for a reason. As cornball as it might sound, we serve our country and our women with a dedication and determination that comes from our souls.” He glances at his wristwatch. “I hate to cut this short, darlin’, but I have another meeting in a few minutes.”

I nod as I get to my feet. “Thanks, for squeezing out some time to talk to me and say hi to Grant for me.”

“Why don’t you tell him hello yourself at the next club meeting?” He suggests as he turns his attention to his computer. I can see he’s already slipping back into full attorney mode. “And be sure to bring your readers with you.” He glances at me, shooting me another of those devious, sexy grins. “I promise they won’t leave disappointed.”

I walk out of his office knowing he’s right and looking forward to the next club meeting. Want to join me? Before we go, you can catch up on Cade, Grant, and Justice’s story in Hands on Justice, available now at and don’t miss the other members of The Service Club in Forty-Eight Hour Burn, Marissa’s Rights, and Operation Mustang, all available at For more about me and my other books, please visit my website at

Ooo!!! *waving hand wildly* take me with you when you go to that meeting Tonya! And thank you for introducing us to Cade, mmm, he seems like a yummy one!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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