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In the Spotlight: J Annas Walker

by on October 22, 2012

In the Spotlight: J Annas Walker

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Newest Release:  Scion’s Freedom

As the Scion of the House of Dracul, vampire princess Cassy Daniels just wants a simple, royal-free life in New Atlanta. It’s been thirty years since The Fall, when the world’s economy collapsed. Although supernatural creatures are helping to rebuild society, Cassy remains in hiding to avoid an arranged marriage.

When her journalist bodyguard and best friend, Erica, is assassinated, she flees for her life with the help of Detective David Ashe. He’s reluctant at first. She used him a few weeks prior. However, she’s the sole survivor of a serial killing and his only lead. Something about David is magnetic and Cassy falls for him hard.

Can they find Erica’s killer before he finds them? Can David forgive her past enough to love her? Can the Council of Crones, a coven of elder witches, provide more insight as to who is hunting Cassy and why? Will she survive the assassination attempts and still hold on to the man she loves?

The Biz:

How many books do you currently have published? I have two with Siren Publishing, The Lost Alchemist and Scion’s Freedom.

Do you have anything in progress right now? Yes. Right now I’m working a fantasy/paranormal erotic romance with a half vampire demigoddess. I can’t give too much away. Not understanding herself is most of the adventure.

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? I like strong heroines who can save their hero just as often as he can save her. They start as the damsel-in-distress types, as long as they get their moment to save him back.

What genre do you prefer to write? I get enough of the everyday mundane. Fantasy/Paranormal gives me the option to check out and lead an impossible life for a while.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? Getting enough uninterrupted quiet time can be problematic. Once the flow starts, I don’t like to be disturbed.

Advice for aspiring and new writers? Just keep writing. Get good at rejection. Don’t take everything personal. Not everyone will like what you do. Haters are everywhere! It’s better to put yourself out there and flop. Learn from it and try again.

Do you use photo’s for visual inspiration when creating your characters, or just your imagination? I just go with my imagination.

Who did you dedicate your first book to? My husband, my sisters, and one crazy aunt encouraged me to try my hand at publishing. They were the best cheering section I could have had.

How do you come up with inspiration for your books? It’s more like having a movie play in my head. I just take notes. The notes become the book.

The Random:

Are you Male, or Female? Female

What would we find in your fridge if you were to do an episode of MTV Cribs? With teenagers in the house, the answer is nothing! It’s empty ten minutes after re-stocking!

What’s your favorite color? Purple

What’s your astrological sign? Libra, sun sign and Scorpio, moon sign

Elevator, Escalator, Stairs? Stairs. I’m claustrophobic.

Coffee, Tea, Soda? Sweet Iced Tea. I’m from the Southeast. Does it come any other way?

Favorite Movie? I love movies! I don’t think I could pick just one!

What song is on your iPod/Mp3/Stereo right now? Before the Dawn by Evanescence

Favorite Rainy Day activity? Snuggling with my hubby, watching old silent films, and having a bowl of tomato soup with a grilled cheese is perfect. Lucky me! He likes those hokey old things, too.

I love grilled cheese and tomato soup! Good choice!

The Good Stuff:

If you had to pick one item to bring to the bedroom with you what would it be? I’m keeping this one a secret!

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Cheesecake

Thong, Bikini, Full Coverage, Commando? Let’s just say, I hate panty lines.

Lovemaking, Wham Bam,
Kinky Fuckery?
  A lady doesn’t kiss and tell.

Single and Loving it, Happily Taken? Taken, very taken.

Favorite Book? I love the entire Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Tall Dark and Handsome or Playful Funny and Sexy? Playful, funny, and sexy. I like a guy that’s more than pretty packaging. There is a lot to be said for good conversation outside the bedroom.

Biker, Musician, Artist, Construction Worker or CEO? I like a military uniform.

Me too 🙂 Me too. Now let’s read an excerpt from her newest release:

All the air seemed to be sucked out of the room. Cassy couldn’t breathe. She tried to pull some into her lungs but nothing happened. It was for the best. She was sure if she could inhale she would have screamed. There was no guarantee if she started she would be able to stop.

Crushing grief filled the numb empty voids in her mind. Pain and loss flashed in the form of memories. Images of Erica humming while braiding Cassy’s hair, a silver needle flicking in the candlelight as she repaired a hem, and watching her unpack in their first apartment blocked out anything Detective David Ashe was saying.

Slowly the world returned. It was like having the sound off and hitting the volume in increments. The muffled noise turned into indistinguishable words and then understandable phrases.

“I asked if you needed to call anyone, Miss Daniels,” Detective Ashe repeated. He had placed a hand on her shoulder and tilted his head to match the angle of hers. She had not noticed him sitting beside her. Numbness made her brain hazy and her limbs feel hollow.

A shuttered rasp of air entered her body. No scream followed. She could speak at least. “No. Thank you. She doesn’t have any living family members.”

“Is there someone you can call to stay with you? You’ve had a serious shock.”

“No. I don’t want to call anyone. Besides, the sun is rising now. There is no time. I need to lie down,” she said. She put a hand to her forehead. She could feel her powers slipping away. Weariness took their place.

“We will have a man on the door until sunset. Don’t worry about being alone. We will need a statement about anything that can help us find who did this,” he assured her. She nodded in assent.

“Could you stay with me?” She wanted someone familiar, even if he did not know how familiar they were.

“No, I’m afraid not. I have to get back to the office and file all the paperwork. The ring is now evidence and needs to be locked up,” he stated.

Cassy could not say anything. She nodded in acceptance and walked to her bedroom. The door clicked behind her, and she waited for him to leave. She leaned her head against the frame and listened. The front door opened, two men spoke in low voices, and the door shut. There were footsteps in the hall walking away. Cassy left her room long enough to lock the front door and shoot the dead bolt. Just for added effect, she slid the chain lock into place. The scratching sound it made as it moved against the door made her feel safer. It was the first time she could ever remember using it. She shuffled back to her room and fell face-first into bed.

Sunset came and with it Cassy’s powers. She was like a battery recharging. She sat up and rolled her stiff neck. Looking down, she realized she was wearing her work clothes from last night. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, she headed for the shower.

The mirror revealed a light crust of dark dried blood streaked down each cheek. Cassy had been crying in her sleep. She opened the medicine cabinet for her face wash. A folded note fell out. Erica’s familiar scrolling script stared up at her.

If I go missing, do not go to the police first.

Call your father.

Cassy was horrified. The paper trembled in her hand. He was the last person she wanted to alert to the situation. Erica must have been very afraid to leave her this instruction. It was possible he already knew. He had ties to them both, Cassy by blood and Erica by magic. She folded the note and tucked it into her jeans pocket.

If anyone knew she was up, they had not acknowledged it. Her evening started in the usual way, minus her best friend. She showered and dressed. Last night’s leftover blood twirled in the microwave long enough to knock off the chill. A second mug sat on the counter unused. Getting it out had been automatic. She put away the now-useless mug and sipped her breakfast without turning on the TV.

She heard someone in the hall cough. There were male voices speaking in hushed tones but were still audible to Cassy.

Guy One asked, “Do you think she’s up?”

“Should be. Sunset was a while ago,” Guy Two replied. “Why? Wanna volunteer for breakfast duties? I hear she’s hot. Might be something more in it for you.”

“Hell, no! Do I look like a blood bank to you? I just wanna get out of here. This place gives me the creeps,” Guy One confessed. “I saw two werewolves and a ghoul just this afternoon. They said hi and waved at me like they were normal!” Heavy footfalls stopped their conversation.

“Sorry, sirs, we aren’t allowed to let anyone in without authorization. You’ll have…” Guy Two said. A choking sound cut him off.

There was a scuffle. Two bodies could be heard slamming into the wall with wet ripping sounds and something heavy sliding down to the floor. The doorknob tried to turn and shook. It was still locked. A shoulder slammed into the steel door but didn’t manage to break it in on the first try.

Cassy dropped her half-empty mug. She sprinted to the fire escape. Her bedroom window protested when she gave it a hard shove. Crawling out onto the steel balcony, she shut the window behind her as quietly as she could. A second slam at the front door broke the locks. The chain had caught. Cursing followed. It took a third slam to break the chain. Grateful she remembered to wear sneakers, she hurried down the stairs to the bottom ladder. Above her were sounds of a window breaking. Glass rained down on her. The lowest ladder was padlocked. She could not get to the sidewalk. In her panic, she jumped over the railing fifteen feet to the ground. She landed with a graceful crouch and sprinted down the street. Her father had never trained her to fight, but she had been trained to evade and run.

Very Intriguing! Take minute to visit J’s Facebook page here. and then go snag your copy of Scion’s Freedom or her earlier book The Lost Alchemist

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance~Lori

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