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Six Sentence Sunday: Reflections of the Wolf (Part C) #SixSunday

by on September 29, 2012

I am having Ms. Angela Wray on the blog tomorrow for her Spotlight Interview, but I know how much you guys like these Six Sentence Sunday posts, so I’m shooting off early this weekend. I promise I can usually last much longer. 😛

This particular SSS is from Reflections of the Wolf (This is the third I’ve posted from this book), and this book has just released on Bookstrand for preorder! It’s on sale so grab it now!

In this scene Liam Gray is debating pursuing Tina Jameson, with his younger sister Whitney Gray. Tina has been pushing Liam away, and he’s letting her….

“I’m not going to let another woman tell me that I’m not good enough for her,” Liam yelled. He could feel his wolf edging closer to the surface. His skin crawled where the fur began to rise, and his canine teeth dug into his bottom lip.

“Stop letting Roxy ruin your life, Liam. She’s been dead for two years now, and you haven’t let her or Daphne go yet. I think that Tina came along at the perfect time.”

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  1. Like the contrast of his agitation and his sister’s calm advice. Nice Six!

  2. I’m sure Tina deserves a chance!

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