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Are you a Writer or an Author?

by on September 25, 2012

Are you a writer or an author?

Recently I was visiting with a group of lovely ladies who have read my first book, and requested that I have coffee with them to discuss it. One of the questions that came up was: are you a writer or an author? There seemed to be some confusion as to what to call me, and I thought that I would bring the discussion back to my blog.

Here is my take on it. Call me Lori first of all. That’s my title, and that’s how I hope my readers see me. I’m a writer who happens to be an author. I’ve been a writer since I was able to grip a pencil and form words on a page. I still have a grade card from elementary school that has a note from the teacher:

“Lori possesses an unlimited store of creativity, and never ceases to use her words to create elaborate descriptions in every situation. She is a very social child that thrives on interactions with her peers.”

In essence, I have a big mouth that I like to use to tell stories.  I used to spend my time concocting crazy games to play with my little sister, or the other kids at daycare. I remember getting into trouble for standing on the top railing of her back deck playing pirates. I was the scout in the Eagles nest, and had to watch for the Queen’s men, who wanted to arrest us. Yep, I was that kid that drove my parent’s nuts, because when they said, “What did you do today?”…well…it was usually at least a fifteen minute monologue.

So I’m a writer. That’s how I see myself. I was published for the first time in high-school by an online poetry site and I thought that that was absolutely amazing. I was walking in the clouds for days. After that I had several more poems published in the newspaper, online and even in several Poetry Anthologies. So I have been a “Poet” by title as well.

Now that I have one book published, and a second one releasing in just days, I feel more like an “Author”, but in my heart I’m still just a writer. I write because it’s what I do. It’s what’s inside of me, and I have been blessed to be able to share it with others.

I’m not sure if that clears up the confusion or not, but I hope it gives you all more insight into me. I’m just Lori, and I hope that’s how people see me.

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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