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In the Spotlight: Reece Butler

by on September 23, 2012

In the Spotlight: Reece Butler

Newest Release: The Badger City Gang (The Bride Train 7)

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Craving the respect given to ranch owners, the three McInnes men will do anything to gain the Running W. Five years of long hours will pay off the debt to Walt and prove they’re nothing like their uncle, the Badger City Gang leader.

Desperate for a wife, Zach uses his uncle’s skills to kidnap a willing woman from the Bride Train. Kate Mason’s almost more than they can handle, full of adventure and a wild spirit. But, after their mother’s deceit, can they trust Kate’s words?

Kate wants Zach, Rusty, and Gideon, in bed and out, but insists on a husband accepting her as she is while loving her deeply. If not, she’ll keep her freedom.

Then Walt offers them a devil’s bargain—his wealthy daughter and the ranch free and clear, or take Kate and leave Tanner’s Ford forever.

Will they choose the woman they love, or the ranch and respectability?

The Biz:

How many books do you currently have published? As of August 2012 I have nine published, 7 of which are part of the historical erotic cowboy Bride Train series (there are more to come). These are set in the Montana Territory in the 1870s, and feature ménage with a happily-ever-after with one heroine for each trio of hero ranchers. ( In that time and place there were dozens of eager men for every available bride.)

Do you have anything in progress right now?  Yes, the 8th book in the Bride Train series. The working title is “Southern Seduction” and features the Sweetwater Ranch. I’m also sketching out the next book(s) and preparing toward a second series, which will be a contemporary featuring the descendents of the Bride Train series.

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about?  Heroes are tall and tough, and tender when no one is looking. My heroines are strong and feisty, able to stand up to the heroes and give them what they need, especially if it’s something they don’t want to face. Both heroes and heroines have a sense of humor and are able to laugh at themselves, even if it takes a bit of poking to get them to admit their errors. They have deep issues to solve, which of course causes conflict between them.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?  Working out the plot to fit the character growth, including finding conflicts that push the heroes and heroine. I find it difficult to think of nasty things to do to my characters in order for them to overcome their inhibitions, past pain, and find the love, respect, and cherishing they deserve.

Advice for aspiring and new writers?  As others far more experienced than me have said before, read, read, read, write, and then read some more.  Make sure you DO send in that manuscript that you’ve pitched and an editor or agent requested. Yes, you might be rejected but it’s part of learning. If you aren’t good at grammar but have a wonderful voice and fantastic imagination there are lots of copy editors who can help you. What no one else can do, however, is create your stories. Write them, and get someone else to proofread and edit if you must.  Learn your craft. The Romance Writers of America have many chapters across North America, and you can learn so much from them, and from attending conferences. And most of all, don’t give up. I wrote for 11 years, learning my craft of romance writing, before I was published. Note that in my day job I was a writer/editor yet still needed to learn so much. I still do—writing is a profession that never ends. Everything you experience adds to your ability to better express yourself to your readers.

Do you use photos for visual inspiration when creating your characters, or just your imagination?  Yes, photos really help clarify my characters to me. However, finding muscular, tough pictures of men is difficult. I found the international soccer magazine helpful, as they don’t wear the padding of football players and are muscled in a good way. My favorite is a cowboy calendar with tough dudes. And, of course, I take photos of real cowboys while researching  J

Who did you dedicate your first book to?  My husband and two sons. When I started writing 13 years ago my husband said “it’s your turn now” and he took over many chores. He also understands that a closed door (with a tag saying “Her Ladyship Is Engaged”) means he,  as well as everyone else, should not disturb me. My sons are now both on their own. They are both proud and somewhat mortified that their mother is a multi-published author of erotic cowboy romance.

How do you come up with inspiration for your books?   I have more ideas than I have time to write. I’ve got a very active imagination and characters come to me, as do stories. While I have to work on plots and other details, so much comes from my unconscious.

The Random:

Are you Male, or Female?   Definitely female.

What would we find in your fridge if you were to do an episode of MTV Cribs?   Lots of fruit and veggies, Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream (banana, dark chocolate, and pecans) which I use as a reward, a giant can of whipped cream (I love it on Jell-O), frozen chocolate brownies cut in small pieces for a treat, and various condiments.

What’s your favorite color?  Blue. I’d love a full-length swirling chiffon-type gown in blues and greens and  purples, colored somewhat like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef from the air.

What’s your astrological sign? Virgo.

Elevator, Escalator, Stairs? For up to 4 flights, stairs (unless I’m in heels, which is rare).

Coffee, Tea, Soda?  Tea

Favorite Movie?  I don’t watch too many movies as I’m more of a book reader. But since I was a pre-teen I’ve been fascinated with Yul Brynner in Anna and the King of Siam. That both shows my age and my desire for strong Alpha males!

What song is on your iPod/Mp3/Stereo right now? Garth Brooks, Greatest hits, especially “Rodeo”.

Favorite Rainy Day activity?   Reading a fantastic romance novel. If it’s cold rain, I’m by the fire with a hot cup of tea and chocolate brownies (heaped with whipped cream).

The Good Stuff

If you had to pick one item to bring to the bedroom with you what would it be?  A great erotic romance novel (everything else is in my room and my imagination is always with me) J

What is your guiltiest pleasure?   Watching reality TV, though I can excuse my fascination with people by saying I’m doing research on the human psyche for my characters.  My greatest guilty pleasure (in public) is dancing with a hot cowboy. Now, that’s what I call enjoying your research!

Thong, Bikini, Full Coverage, Commando? This depends on what, when, and where, and the climate (snow and commando in a skirt don’t mix). For comfort, full coverage. Thong in snug shorts or pants, commando (under a loose cotton dress) in hot weather while working at home. Though there was that hot Friday evening my husband and I went downtown and pretended he was a stranger picking me up…

Lovemaking, Wham Bam, Kinky Fuckery? Yes, please. All of it, depending on my mood.

Favorite Book?   There are WAY too many fantastic ones out there for me to choose. I’ve read thousands and thousands since I was 6, and enjoyed so many. I’m the type that reads the cereal box if there was nothing else around while I ate breakfast.

Tall Dark and Handsome or Playful Funny and Sexy? All, please. Tall, Dark, Handsome and Sexy with a sense of humor, including during sex.

Biker, Musician, Artist, Construction Worker or CEO?  I write ménage with three heroes for every heroine, happily ever after, so I want the biker, the construction worker AND the CEO, all at once. If I have to choose only one I’ll take a CEO biker who can swing dance like a cowboy.


We know more about Reece Butler the author, but let’s look at her Bride Train Series a little closer! Here is the book list:

Bride Train series: 1870s Montana Territory

#1: Barefoot Bride for Three : August, 2010

#2: A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise : January, 2011

#3: Compromised Cowgirl : May, 2011

#4: A Convenient Husband : August, 2011

#5: 1 Bed, 2 Weddings, 3 Husbands : February, 2012

#6: Beauty and the Beasts : April. 2012

#7: The Badger City Gang : July, 2012

and there’s more adventure to come thank heavens! I have read every one of these, and I’ve really enjoyed them all. I even posted a review last month of the most recent addition:

Check out all of Reece’s books, you won’t regret it!

As always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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