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I promised another tease from Reflections of the Wolf

by on September 20, 2012

Releasing October 9, 2012!

Reflections of the Wolf is releasing in less than a month, so I’m sharing another excerpt! Tell me what you think in the comments section!

A continuation of a recent Six Sentence Sunday….

Can’t we just be here as two people tonight? No talk about mates or wolves or destiny? Please?” she pleaded.

His face registered relief that she didn’t push him away, but she could see disappointment in his eyes, too. “Okay, just two strangers getting to know each other then. Have you eaten yet?”

She looked him over as she responded. “Not yet, but that can wait. I want to dance again. Are you interested?” She cocked her head in challenge.

“I’m always interested in holding a sexy woman against me.” He flashed her a million-watt smile that had her body humming, and her panties growing damp.

“Good, because I need a body to move against, and yours should work perfectly,” she shot back and took the hand he held out to help her stand. She saw him take a deep breath, and his smile grew.

“Mmmm…there is that delicious scent again. Apples and cinnamon, I can almost taste you on my tongue now,” he flirted as he pulled her against his side, putting his arm around her waist, and walked her through the crowd.

“Maybe another time, hotshot,” she said, flushing with arousal. When they reached the floor, she let him pull her into the music with him, and they danced fluidly. He was graceful and powerful in his movement, and her blood heated to near boiling.

How was she ever going to have a sane conversation with him when just being near him clouded her brain so much? It was like a fog of desire enveloped her just being in close range to him, and it irritated her to no end. She hated not being able to control her own body.

Deciding to live in the moment, she ran her hands down his chest as she dipped low in front of him. She could feel his body heat through his T-shirt and the thud of his heart under his ribs. His blue eyes were lit with fire. He was feeling it just as strongly as she was, and she found she was ridiculously pleased to know he was not unaffected.

The music came to a halt as the band made a few adjustments, and they watched as Cash took the stage. His tall, muscular body drew the attention of every female in the bar, and he knew it. His large wolf’s-head belt buckle glinted under the lights, and his black cowboy hat gave him an air of danger. She couldn’t see his brown eyes under the shadow of his hat, but she could imagine that they were filled with laughter. He was a born flirt, and apparently he knew how to work a stage.

“Well, hello, ladies!” he said into the microphone, and his deep baritone voice rumbled through the speakers. “Oh, yeah, and gentlemen, too.”

The crowd laughed with him, and Tina felt Liam chuckling as he pressed against her back. His hands came around to rest on top of hers, holding her in his embrace as they listened to Cash on stage. It was a warm, comfortable place to be, and she let herself relax in his arms.

“I’m going to play a request from a very special little lady that may soon be joining my family,” Cash announced, and his eyes met Tina’s. She rolled her eyes at him and shook her head, but she could sense Liam’s grin behind her. “And then I’m going to sing a request from the gentleman that hopes to make her his. So let’s get this party started!”

The crowd cheered and clapped as the band began playing the song Tina had jokingly suggested. Cash belted out the lyrics to “A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action,” and Tina could see the smug look on Liam’s face as he swung her into the movement of a two-step.

“I didn’t know you requested a song,” she said to him over the music. He shrugged and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Mine was requested for you. Was yours for me?” he asked, and she could see the lust burning in his eyes.

“Just one of my favorites,” she said, flushing. The twangy country song slid into another with a slower tempo, so she let her arms wind up around his neck. The move lifted her breasts to press tightly against his broad chest, and every sway of their bodies caused her nipples to tingle as they rasped against him.

Pressed against him, she listened to the words of the love song, and her heart lurched. The song, “Shameless” by Garth Brooks, was the same song that her parents had played at their twentieth wedding anniversary. Her dad sung it to her mom on a regular basis, telling her that it said the words he could never say. She tipped her head back to stare at Liam.

“Did you really request that he sing this?” she said in astonishment.

Liam nodded and smiled at her. “Yeah, do you like it?”

She had to look away as she nodded. She couldn’t tell him how emotional her reaction to the song was. Hearing the words as Cash sang them and realizing that Liam was trying to tell her something was almost too much to absorb. She chided herself in her head for becoming so caught up in one song. Liam couldn’t love her yet, he just lusted after her. This was just like a cheesy pick up line for him.


Hope you enjoyed it! Reflections of the Wolf releases on October 9, 2012!

Don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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