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Teasing Licks-Erotic Free Read-Part 1

by on September 13, 2012

I decided that it might be fun to write an erotic short story for the blog. This is unpublished, unedited, and just off the cuff so to speak. I’ll post a new part every now and then so follow the blog to keep tabs. As always a hot picture spurred my imagination, here is where this one is leading…

“I didn’t come here to see you. I came to get a drink, and listen to the band.” Ice filled her voice, and Zeke steeled his spine against her rejection.

“Sure you did. Just like you did last week, when there was no band playing, and the week before when you didn’t drink anything but club soda.” he purred seductively. He wasn’t letting her lie to herself or him anymore. He wanted her too much to continue this game of cat and mouse.

“Whatever. Are you going to take my order or what?” she snapped.

Zeke loved the way her golden hazel eyes snapped like flames when she was irritated. He wondered briefly if they would have a similar look in the midst of a good hard fuck. There was no better way to find out than to push her buttons a little more.

“Hmm…or what?” he murmured thoughtfully, and gave her a slow smile, “I can definitely fill in the blanks for you baby. Give me two minutes to let Chuck know I’m leaving, and I will show you what I can do with ‘or what’.”

Nearly laughing out loud at her outrage, and stunned silence, he leaned over the bar, and used one finger to gently shut her gaping mouth.  She instantly jerked her head backwards, nearly knocking herself off of the bar stool.

“No thank you, Mr. Collins. I’m not interested in any ‘or what’ you might want to show me.” She tipped her chin defiantly, and Zeke had the urge to grab it and force her to her knees, where he could show her how he would stop her claims of dislike for his presence.

“Lily, you have got to stop denying yourself. If you keep this up you will push every good man away.” he said, as he carefully poured her a glass of white wine.

“I haven’t met a man yet that is better for me, than me. All I need is batteries, and peace and quiet.  You could assist me with the latter.” she snarled, in that same cold tone that probably turned most men off.

“I could help you with anything you want baby. In fact I will take you up on your challenge.” he said leaning on the bar so that he was only a few inches from her face. She pulled away slightly, struggling with his invasion of her personal space.

“What challenge?”

“The challenge that batteries are better than a hard hot man between your thighs.” he said with a wide grin. The blood drained from her face leaving her slightly pale, and he cringed. He didn’t want to scare her, just push her boundaries a bit.

“I’m not interested.” she said quietly, with less heart than he would have expected from her. The jump in the pulse in her throat told him a completely different story than her words.

“In me, or in sex?” he asked, easing back out of her space a few inches.

“Please…can I just drink in peace?” she pleaded, finally meeting his eyes. His heart lurched at the anxiety he saw in there yellow gold depths.

He sighed heavily, “If that’s what you really want. Just think about my offer, baby.”

He turned back to his work, and tried hard to ignore the gaze that he could feel skimming over his back. After helping several other customers, he turned back to her and caught her staring directly at his ass.

“Need something love?” he said in a flirty tone. When she didn’t respond he cocked his head to once side, and frowned, “Something wrong?”

She blushed, and shock hit his system. This was the ice maiden, the woman who could send a man running with just a glare. He had seen her do it multiple times since she started visiting his bar. Whatever she was thinking had to have been good if it left her feeling embarrassed.

“I want you.” she said angrily, and Zeke nearly choked on his own tongue. He froze as he tried to figure out the abrupt change in her mood. “Change your mind stud?” she asked haughtily with a small smirk.

“Hell no, but I do have one question.”

She tipped her chin in acknowledgement, and he leaned into her again. He could feel her hot breath on his face he was so close to her now. “Tell me why you want me.”


*Fanning my face* Okay the next scene is in process, and I will share it as it “comes”. 🙂 Hope you liked the tease!

Always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is our only chance~Lori

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