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Kindle killed the Paperback Book?

by on September 3, 2012

I received a Kindle for a Christmas gift last year, and it has basically been stuck to my side like one of my children ever since. I carry it in my purse everywhere I go, like it’s a security blanket.

To be fair, I used to carry a paperback book in my purse everywhere, but I hated how bent up, and wrinkled they would get. And it never failed that I would end up finishing the story while still sitting at the doctor’s office with an endless wait still ahead of me.

I’m a firm believer that the Kindle & Nook e-readers are fantastic inventions. They have opened up the door for many new authors such as myself to enter the e-publishing world, when we probably would have spent decades fighting our way into the “old” publishing world. HOWEVER, and that’s capitalized for a reason, I think that it has also opened the door to the generic copycat writer who takes a good story and changes a few details and the scenery in order to republish it.

In the erotic romance genre I can say that I’ve read multiple books recently that all really read about the same. I find that frustrating as a reader as well as a writer. If a writer has an original and unique story, I will be the first person in line to purchase it, but I’m struggling with a lot of the stuff that’s being put out on Amazon now.

So I wanted to share some “unique” erotic romance writers who have captured my attention. Each of their stories may carry common threads (ie: menage, bondage, BDSM) but they have a fantastic way of creating new worlds, new crisis’, and interesting characters that capture the attention. Here are my current top 10. I would LOVE it if you shared your top 5 or 10 in the comments. Share and share alike so that we can all find new stories to read.

Lori’s Top Ten Erotic Romance Authors to Read (In no particular order)

  1. Vivian Arrend
  2. Heather Rainier
  3. Sophie Oak
  4. Laurann Dohner
  5. Eve Langlais
  6. Leah Brooke
  7. Joey Hill
  8. Kaliana Cole
  9. Bertrice Small
  10. Lauren Dane

That’s my Top 10 right now, and I’m not going to lie there are at least a dozen more I want to list, but I promised 10. Happy Reading!

Don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. Hi Lori,

    I adore my kindle. It is the best invention EVER! I love the fact I can walk around with at least 400 books at my fingertips. I wish they weren’t as breakable as they are but we can’t get everything in one package.

    I have so many authors I adore. Top 10 is certainly hard but these are the ones that came to mind instantly.

    Delilah Hunt

    Stacey Espino

    Heather Rainier

    Sophie Oak

    Annabel Joseph

    Kallypso Masters

    Bianca Sommerland

    Lorelei James

    Sylvia Day

    Evangeline Anderson

    This list can get much longer and it was hard to pick only ten.


    • What a great top 10 Sam! A few of those I haven’t read, so I will def be checking them out. 🙂 I’ve been lucky with my Kindle, and only cracked the edge of it. I drop it all the time, and when I end up brekaing it, I know I’ll be devastated. Someday maybe Fisher Price will put one out that will be safe for my daily usage. LOL

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