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In The Spotlight: Tammy Dennings Maggy

by on September 1, 2012

In the Spotlight: Tammy Dennings Maggy

AKA: Lia Michaels

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For The Love Of Quinn

Quinn Lee Hollis is a forty-three-year-old veterinary surgeon who has reached a crossroads in her life.  Stuck in a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage, she decides that she has had enough and vows to cut loose and enjoy herself in Las Vegas with her sister. 

There she meets and falls in love with two men.  Both bring out the fire and passion in her that she has longed for her whole life.  Steve Eischer is a Vegas tycoon who wants to fulfill her every fantasy, and Jake Hartley is a classic bad boy who awakens desire in her so strong that it nearly destroys her.

Both Steve and Jake have claims on her heart, but only one can share a connection so strong that nothing can keep them apart.

The Biz

How many books do you currently have published? Currently I have two books out. One is a self-published book of poetry and the other is with Siren.  For the Love of Quinn was the released September 2011 and was my very first book to get published. It’s the first in my Now and Forever series.

Do you have anything in progress right now? So many things and so little time in the day to get them done! Right now I’m working on the second and third books in the Now and Forever series, more poetry, two other series in the planning stages and a M/M erotic shifter romance I’ll put out under my other pen name Lia Michaels.

What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? I’m all over the place on that one, but I do love the bad boys! I love to write heroines over forty (like me!) facing pretty much some of the same things I had to go through trying to find my way in life. As they say, write what you know and I’ve tried to put a bit of me in all of my characters whether it’s making them a veterinarian (my evil day job), going through divorce, heart breaking betrayals, family drama, you name it I’ve been through it. Makes for a lot of material for my books! LOL

What genre do you prefer to write? I started out writing M/F contemporary erotic romance, and now looking to branch out into M/M and ménage paranormal/fantasy sort of material. In fact, I’ve started moving into the paranormal with The Island (Now and Forever 2). It’s basically a prequel to book one with guardian angels and three gods intervening with the lives of the hero and heroine making sure they end up on the right path to each other.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? Finishing the story and letting go. It feels like I’m letting go of a child. I know that sounds funny, but I’ve had this whole series plotted out and at least 80% finished and still sit on it, afraid to write the final scenes. My goal as a writer is to learn to let go and keep writing more. The next hardest for me is promotion. Trying to find the happy medium with it is the hardest part. You want to get your name and works out there, but you don’t want to be a nuisance or a spammer.

Advice for aspiring and new writers? Keep writing and keep educating yourself about it. Take classes if you can, read everything you can get your hands on. Let your characters tell the story and don’t try to fit them into some set mold. Listen to criticism and learn from it, but don’t let it discourage you from your dream.

Do you use photo’s for visual inspiration when creating your characters, or just your imagination? Definitely! Usually it’s a favorite actor or actress that’s caught my eye at some point making me think “hmmm…he/she reminds me of…” Once I have that picture in my mind, the story just takes a life of it’s own.

Who did you dedicate your first book to? I dedicated For the Love of Quinn to my step Dad who passed away in 2005. He was a marine and always encouraged my brothers and sisters and myself to do our best and never give up on our dreams. He would be tickled pink and bragging to everyone in sight about his oldest daughter being a published author. He would get an even bigger kick out of the fact I write “smut!”

How do you come up with inspiration for your books? My own life supplied a lot of the material for the Now and Forever series. Quinn’s story of being in a loveless marriage and trying to find her own happiness was what I went through. Of course I embellished the details…would’ve loved to have a billionaire chase after me! But the emotions and the pain were all mine and the fact she is a veterinarian is all me too.

Random Stuff We Want to Know

Are you Male, or Female? 100% curvy female

What would we find in your fridge if you were to do an episode of MTV Cribs? BabyBel White cheddar cheese is there and I love that stuff! There’s a Britta water jug in there, pepper bacon, all the usual condiment suspects including both Best Foods Mayo and Kraft Miracle Whip. As a Midwestern girl, I love Miracle Whip, but my hubby is a West Coast man who is into mayo.

What’s your favorite color? PURPLE!!!

What’s your astrological sign? Sagittarius

Elevator, Escalator, Stairs? Love escalators for people watching, stairs kill my knees and elevators creep me out at times.

Coffee, Tea, Soda? Tea, and sodas like Dr. Pepper, Coke and Pepsi. Love the smell of coffee but can’t stand the taste except in some baked goods.

Favorite Movie? Hands down my favorite movies of all time are The Godfather and The Godfather II. Part three was just an embarrassment. LOL

What song is on your iPod/Mp3/Stereo right now? Just added Kelly Clarkson’s new CD, Pink, Rihanna, quite a bit of 80’s hair bands on there too. Love that music!

Favorite Rainy Day activity? Snuggling in bed with my muse and new hubby Liam. We got married on May 27th of this year.

The Good Stuff

If you had to pick one item to bring to the bedroom with you what would it be? My hubby

What is your guiltiest pleasure? shopping

Thong, Bikini, Full Coverage, Commando? Being a BBW (big beautiful woman) thongs just don’t appeal to me and neither do bikini’s. Boy short style are my fave and full coverage if they are fun colors that match my bras. 😉

Lovemaking, Wham Bam, Kinky Fuckery? Yes. Oh I have to pick one? LOL

Single and Loving it, Happily Taken? Happily taken and spoiled rotten

Favorite Book? Stephen King’s The Stand but I love to read just about anything.

Tall Dark and Handsome or Playful Funny and Sexy? Love them all and if they are in the same package all the better!

Biker, Musician, Artist, Construction Worker or CEO? Can I have them all at the same time?

Now that you’ve gotten to know Tammy take a minute to read the excerpt for her book! It’s steamy!


When she stepped out of the bathroom, Quinn found Jacob sitting on the edge of the bed, his eyes covered with both hands. She walked over to him and pulled his hands away. He kept his eyes closed. “Open your eyes, silly.”

Of course, when Jacob was sitting on the bed and Quinn was standing in front of him, her breasts were at his eye level. He let out a small gasp and looked up into her eyes. “Wow.” He reached up and cupped her ass, pulling her closer so that he could bury his face between her tits for a moment. Her fingers slid from his shoulders to become entangled in his hair as his mouth found her throat. He knew that was a hot zone for her, and the inevitable happened. His hands were there to feel her brand-new panties get drenched. His fingers quickly found the Velcro at her hips. He looked into her eyes and tore the panties away so they fell to the floor. “Yum.”

He stood up and covered her mouth with his, crushing her tits to his chest with his embrace. Quinn noticed the desperation creeping back into their lovemaking, and she pushed him away a little bit. “Baby, slow down and let me catch my breath. We have all night.”

“Are you really able to stay the whole night with me?” Jacob sounded so vulnerable and unsure of himself for the first time that night. Her heart burst, and she just wanted to wrap him up in her arms and take away all the pain, all the uncertainty forever. She knew she couldn’t really do that forever, but she could try for that night.

“Yes, baby. We’ll fall asleep in each other’s arms and wake each other up making love…just like we fantasized over and over again. It’s really happening.” Now it was her turn to take his face into her hands, kiss him softly, and tease his tongue with her own until he gave in and brought his arms around her under the teddy. Quinn loved the way his hands felt on her skin. She pulled out of the kiss and moved her hands down his chest and abdomen, trailing down the soft hairs below his belly button to the waistband of his boxers. She hooked her thumbs in the elastic and shoved them down his narrow hips, cupping his ass as she went lower. His body shuddered a bit, and he sat back down on the bed so Quinn could ease off the boxers the rest of the way. “Lie back on the pillows, Jake. It’s my turn to have some fun.” She kissed him deeply one more time before he scooted back on to the pillows at the top of the king-size bed.

Quinn got on the bed and followed Jacob as he slowly slid up to the pillows. She crawled on her hands and knees like she was stalking him. Her tits bulged out of the top of the teddy, and Jacob couldn’t keep his eyes off of them. She crawled up his body, straddling his hips. He sat up to catch her and pull her tight to him so he could once again bury his face between her breasts. His teeth tugged at the front of her teddy, loosening up the ties that held everything in place and at the same time reaching up to pull down the straps. Now her breasts were free and he feasted on both nipples at once yet again. Damn him! This wasn’t what she’d in mind for right then, but it felt so good she let him have a little fun before she pushed him back down onto the pillows.

He wouldn’t go quietly. He grabbed the bottom of the teddy and pulled it up and over her head, trying to tangle her arms up in it so he could take over. Quinn wasn’t going to let him distract her from her mission. She tightened her thighs around his hips to get his attention. “Come on, lover, it’s my turn to drive you wild.”

“But I can’t keep my hands off of you, babe.” He gave her that little-boy whiny voice on purpose, and she was having none of that. She pulled his hands off of her body and pushed his arms over his head. In this position, her boobs were hanging down in his face again, and he wasted no time at all. “Now I can get used to this position.” He thrust his hips up, and his hard cock knocked to get into her pussy.

Quinn pulled up a bit off of him so he couldn’t enter her before she wanted him to…God, did she ever want him to, but she stuck with her original plan. She held his arms down over his head and slid down to kiss him, shoving her tongue into his eager, hot mouth. He’d been nibbling on strawberries and tasted sweet. She moved her hands down his arms, and he kept them there for the moment, waiting to see what she was going to do. Quinn left his mouth, trailed kisses down his neck to his chest and teased his nipples with her tongue and teeth a bit. He brought his hands down and tangled his fingers in her hair, gently urging her lower. “I want to fuck you so bad, baby.”

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Want to reread the features for Fire of the Wolf?

I have no doubt you will soon fall in love with Tammy like I have!

Remember to always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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  1. I love this story and the author. Great spot!!!

  2. This is great Lori. Really enjoyed it (now it’s time to go get that book) 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for letting me share the spotlight today. As it turns out, the timing is perfect. I just found out THE ISLAND (NOW AND FOREVER 2) has been accepted for publication. Looks like a November release date! Whoohoo!

    Oh and I expect you to come back to visit my blogs again soon too!


    • YAY! Congratulations Tammy! That’s great news!

      • It couldn’t have come at a better time. I was on pins and needles waiting for that and trying to work on other projects at the same time. I couldn’t fully go on with book three without some more feedback from Siren so I had to wait. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not the most patient person in the world at all! LOL

        • I felt that way with Reflections of the Wolf, I had to get the acceptance on it, before I delved too deep into Book 3. Now that it’s scheduled for release in October I’m working my butt off on the next one! Trust me, I’m not patient at all!

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