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Book Review: The Badger City Gang By: Reece Butler

by on August 22, 2012

5 Kisses!

Craving the respect given to ranch owners, the three McInnes men will do anything to gain the Running W. Five years of long hours will pay off the debt to Walt and prove they’re nothing like their uncle, the Badger City Gang leader.

Desperate for a wife, Zach uses his uncle’s skills to kidnap a willing woman from the Bride Train. Kate Mason’s almost more than they can handle, full of adventure and a wild spirit. But, after their mother’s deceit, can they trust Kate’s words?

Kate wants Zach, Rusty, and Gideon, in bed and out, but insists on a husband accepting her as she is while loving her deeply. If not, she’ll keep her freedom.

Then Walt offers them a devil’s bargain—his wealthy daughter and the ranch free and clear, or take Kate and leave Tanner’s Ford forever.

Will they choose the woman they love, or the ranch and respectability?

The Review: Let me start out by saying I have read the first 6 books in the Bride Train series, and thoroughly enjoyed them all,  and this story lived up to my hopes.  Reece Butler’s stories center on the small town of Tanner’s Ford, and the ranchers and ranch hands that live in the empty, lonely 1872 wild west. They have their share of bad guys, and good guys, and flaming hot tempered women who keep them all hopping.

In The Badger City Gang, we meet the McInnes men; Zach, Rusty, and Gideon,  who have signed on as partners with Walt Chamberlain, in the ownership of the Running W ranch, and they want NOTHING more than they want to own their little piece of heaven outright.  However they have also decided that they are in need of a soft woman to warm their bed for the winter, and what’s a man to do when there are 3 to 1 odds of finding a single woman in the west? Well kidnap her of course!

Just like that Zach concocts a hair brained scheme to steal a bride that will keep him AND his two brothers satisfied for the rest of their lives. What he doesn’t count on is stealing Katherine Mason, an opinionated beauty who wants to be desired, and find adventure before she is tied down in marriage for the rest of her life.  Her adventure begins when he hands her off of a moving train to Rusty’s waiting arms, and they whisk her back to the Running W. She planned to head out west to find the biological father that her mother loved, but didn’t marry, and she has no desire to give up that dream.

The chemistry is instant between the characters, and immediately I loved Zach’s wounded hero image, and Rusty’s playful charming ladies man personality.  Katherine (Kate) is the woman we all want to be; strong, loving, generous to a fault, and willing to take chances and reach for what she desires.  When faced with a situation that forces her men to let her willing walk into danger, she doesn’t even hesitate to push forward, and saves many lives in the process.

Barefoot Bride for Three (Bride Train 1)

When Walt tests the men’s faithfulness to her by giving them an ultimatum, it puts a great spin on the whole Shotgun wedding idea. I loved the secondary story between Walt and Emma Johnson too!

This story had plenty of hot scenes-Gabriel losing his virginity was ridiculously endearing-and the reunion between the three when Walt finally tells them all the truth was HAWT HAWT HAWT!

Clearly, I loved this one, and I rated it 5 stars on the Siren website! Pick up your copy now, or start at the beginning with Bride Train 1, and meet the whole crew! Can’t wait to see who Reece picks to share with us next!

Don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!


*I do not claim any rights to Reece Butlers books, content, or cover art. I am only using them for review purposes

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