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A brief visit to the Fire Station to see my Sexy Firemen!

by on August 6, 2012

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I went to visit Devin Gray at the Battalion 1 fire station today, and I couldn’t wait to get back to the computer to share with my readers.  As luck would have it several of the Gray Pack men were there, and I just happened to interrupt their daily workout time. Of course they workout like animals, after all they are werewolves as well as firemen.

Let me give you a little peek into the visuals: all six foot three inches of Devin Gray on his back, bench pressing more weight than any human man could hope to press, while his cousin Liam Gray spots him. Liam Gray is 6 feet of masculine perfection, with piercing blue eyes, a gold ring in his sharp black eyebrow, a diamond chip in his earlobe, and the sexiest ink covering his shirtless shoulder that I have seen in a long time. Liam saw me gawking in the doorway, and winked before calling out a greeting.

“Well Mrs. King, what brings you to our humble station house? Need help working out your muscles? I’m always willing to help a gorgeous woman work her muscles.” Liam teased, and the laughter around me drew my eyes to the other occupants of the room.

There’s Cash Gray working a heavy bag in the corner, while Ryley Whetstone holds the bag, and glistens with his sweaty golden colored flawlessness. Cash’s muscles ripple like the oceans waves as he heaves his body into the weight of the bag, and his fist ricochet’s backwards with a thud and a snap. Owen Gray the only volunteer fireman of the group; has left his alter ego Attorney Owen Gray, at the front door, and he is doing leg presses on my right. Last but certainly not least is Rafe Whetstone, who just happens to look like a sexy mirror image of Thor; is doing pushups on a blue workout mat in the middle of the room. Holy Horny Hell I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I swallow the drool that’s threatening to spill down my chin, and return Liam’s flirty smile with one of my own. Doing my best to sashay across the gym without tripping over my own feet, I pause when I reach Devin’s side.  “Actually Stud, I came to see Devin, but I will gladly take you up on that personal trainer offer another day. I have a few muscles that could use working out. Dev, do you have a moment?”

Devin looks pleasantly surprised to see me as he rests the weight bar back into its holder, and sits up. Straddling the bench in just a pair of basketball shorts, and a white wife beater tank top he oozes sinful sex. His black hair is messy, and his green eyes are like sexy shards of beach glass as he looks me over. “Lori, I always have time for you.” His rough voice rumbles, and I can feel my stomach tighten into a ball of arousal.

Well really? What woman wouldn’t get turned on surrounded by giant, muscular werewolf firemen, who are in the midst of their manly workouts. It’s like taunting a dying man in the desert with a bottle of water he can’t reach. Don’t get me wrong I’m happily married, but DAYYYYYUUUM. Married does not mean dead, and I’m only human. J

He stands, and puts one hand on my waist to lead me out of the gym to the station office. I wave my goodbyes to the other men, promising to return again. In my head I reiterate that promise, and make a mental note to bring a camera on the next visit.  Once we are settled in the office Devin snags a clean towel from a hook, and perches his tight ass on the corner of the desk. “What’s up Sugar?”

“How’s Caroline?” I jump right in.

“Fantastic, How’s your man?” He responds with an arrogant smile.

“Satisfied.” I answer. “I haven’t talked with you guys in a while. I’ve been so busy with Liam and Tina’s book. I wanted you to know, that the readers are falling in love with the Alpha leaders story. Fire of the Wolf is selling superbly, and I’ve had a lot of requests for more info on the hot Pack leader.” I explain.

“Oh no, I told my story Lori. You know I don’t like the limelight. All I want is to keep my mate, and my pack safe and sound.” He says raising his hands in front of him. I stare at them like I’ve never noticed he had a set of hands. They are beautiful in a strong masculine way, with long fingers that are twice as wide as my own, and completely mark free. I have to chide myself for the naiveté I’m showing. Duh he isn’t human, and Werewolves heal themselves, of course he wouldn’t have any marks on him.

“I know Dev, but I want to fill in some gaps, and keep readers up to date on you guys. Damon and Caroline both agreed, I just need your okay now big guy. If you agree, I will put some details into Reflections of the Wolf about what has happened since the Gray brothers found their mate.” I explain, allowing the pleading to change the tenor of my voice.

“Details? Well, I guess giving them a little update won’t hurt.” He says shifting off of the desk to pace the room. His washboard abs reflect the light from the lamp on the desk, and I can see every ridge like it was cut from granite.

“I promise, just an update…and maybe one hot scene. The readers have asked for more of you guys, and I hate to let them down.” I beg, standing and walking over to him. He holds his arm out and I take the offered hug. It’s impossible to resist a hug from a large muscular man, that I love like family.

“Alright Sugar. For you I will agree…and for the readers. Just make sure they know that this is Liam’s story, and he’s the one that has to have all of the sex this time.” Devin grumbles against my hair before he kisses my forehead.

I look up at him with a grin. “Oh yeah, because you hated every second of the dirty kinky sex I wrote in for you, Damon and Caroline, right?”

“Well, maybe Hated is a strong word…” He says with a chuckle.

“Mmm…Hmmm. ..Well I better go, I just needed to drop off some edits for Liam to look over, and check in with you. Give Caroline kisses for me, and tell Damon I’ll call him soon for coffee.” I say as I head for the door. I glance back to find Devin checking out my ass, and he winks when he realizes he’s caught.

I laughed all the way home to my sexy husband who was only too happy to scratch the itch the members of The Gray Pack started. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date as I visit my men in the future. Pick up Devin’s story here: and look for Liam’s story in mid-October on Siren!

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Always Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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