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The Shades of Grey Effect-Interview with Cathy Marks

by on July 31, 2012

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So this link will take you to a video clip interview with the CEO of Ellora’s Cave, Cathy Marks. Let me first point out that I publish via Siren-Bookstrand, not Ellora’s Cave, and this is in no way a promotional piece for either one specifically. Instead I wanted to draw your attention to what Cathy says in the interview. She lists the top 3 types of Erotic Romance that Ellora’s Cave sells.

  1. Capture Romance: This boils down to the hero either capturing the heroine, or rescuing her from someone elses capture. Pretty standard damsel in distress plot line.
  2. BDSM: Duh. It’s common knowledge now a days that a LOT of people enjoy a good spanking with a blindfold and handcuffs on. I believe Christian Grey would call this Kinky Fuckery.
  3. Pregnancy Fetish: Ummm….wait a second. Back the train up, excuse me??? Did she just say Pregnancy Fetish??? This one blew my mind. Not because I don’t think women are sexually attractive when pregnant, but I haven’t stumbled over too many men who said “Oh I can’t wait to get her pregnant!” when they are meeting a woman. Per Cathy this is more about the nurturing side of men and women. Personally I wonder if it’s more about the daddy issues so many girls/women have, but either way it sells books.

She also highlights a few books and authors. One of which was Laurann Dohner’s New Species Series. I have to stop right here and shamelessly plug this author and her books. I read the first book of the series by accident “Fury” and once I read it I was hooked. She is the ONLY author I have ever gone to the Amazon boards looking for info on when her next book would come out. Between the New Species books, and her Zorn series I’m a happy woman for hours on end.

Besides my obvious infatuation with Ms. Dohners work, I’m curious what you think? Do these three genre’s match up to your expectations of women’s fantasies? Women make up the bulk of the readership when it comes to erotic romance, so what do you think women are searching for?


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