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Book Review: Grace’s Final Submission by Sara Kingston

by on July 27, 2012

5 Kisses!

After leaving her unhappy marriage, Grace Sinclair starts a path to self-discovery. Days after joining a BDSM club, she finds herself willingly auctioning herself as a slave to be trained. Never in her wildest dreams a year ago would she have imagined herself here, the ball-busting ice queen becoming a submissive slave for six months.

Michael Cooper and Jason Smith have been long-term friends and are sick and tired of searching for their perfect submissive. They decide to purchase a slave to give themselves six months of peace and relaxation, not to mention a slave at their beck and call to satisfy any cravings or desires they may have.

Together the three discover how not only a relationship between three people can be difficult, but throw in a Dom, a switch, and a slave who thinks she is only a sub, and you have a house full of tension, frustration, and fiery passion.

Reviewed: I really enjoyed this story. Grace Sinclair is a strong, well put together
woman, that is searching for the piece of her that she knows is missing. She’s
fought adversity in her life, and wants nothing more than to find her place.
Michael Cooper and Jason Smith are two men looking for just the right woman to
complete their own lives. They aren’t a couple, which gives the story a major
hurdle when the three characters are faced with the knowledge that TWO of them
have a submissive need. The BDSM was in the story, but there was less whipping,
caning, and public humiliation than in some books, instead the author really
focused on the relationship. The story moves through the triad working to build
trust so that Grace can submit freely, only to have it betrayed, and later they
must all face the consequences in a scene that literally had me crying. I love a
book that can turn me on in one chapter, only to have me emotionally drained in
another. It also goes to great lengths to show how when a Dom loves his slave/sub he can sacrifice even his control. Great book, and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Always~Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!


*I do not claim any rights to this book, it’s content, or the cover art. I am only using them for review purposes.

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