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Things I never knew about E-book Publishing

by on July 25, 2012

As you know my first book Fire of the Wolf is releasing this Sunday on Siren-Bookstrand in e-book format. The print version won’t be available until December. You can pre-order it here:

This is the first book I have ever written, so clearly it’s the first book I’ve ever submitted to be published. When I started the process I had NO idea what was really involved. Siren has been a phenomenal company to work with, but now that I know how much work is involved in publishing process on my end, I will be much sweeter to their employees for sure!

Some of the things I didn’t know:

The author not the publisher writes the blurb on the back of the book.

The publishers contracts artists to create the covers from stock photo’s instead of photographing new models for each one.

I had to select an excerpt that was appropriate for general audiences, as well as an x-rated excerpt.

I had to write my own biography blurb.

I actually had to write 3 different sized promotional blurbs about the book.

It is necessary these days for an author to have a website, blog, facebook page, twitter account, google+ account, and even a Pinterest account.

Authors love to share with other authors.

“Some” authors don’t like new authors.

It is especially important that you know the physical details of your characters in order for the cover artist to select the right photo’s.

Authors must do a lot of their own promoting.

Authors with reviews sell more books.

Authors must send out the requests for reviewers to look at their book.

This is a tough world, and I’ve got my work cut out for me to find my nitch. I love to write, and I love writing more than promoting that’s for sure. I always feel like I’m inundating my future readers with too much “spam” materials. With every book I successfully publish hopefully, the workload will see lighter.

Always Live, Laugh and Love liked today is your only chance~Lori

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