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Picture Capturing: Ripped in Denim

by on July 22, 2012

Go to the Comments Section and tell me what your first thoughts were when you saw this picture? What is happening? Or tell me who it is, and what are they feeling?

What I thought when I saw this picture:

gGod I love the feel of a man in denim. The rouch rasp of the fabric over my soft skin is bewitching. I like to trace my finger over the ridges of his abs, and pecks. Tangling in the hair there, or caressing a little lower to his Adonis Belt, and happy trail. There is nothing sexier than a well loved, man in just a pair of denim jeans…unless it’s a horny one….


I call it Picture Capturing, instead of Captioning, because I want to capture the thoughts, and feelings of the picture, not just tell you who it is or what they are doing.

I’m a Pinterest ADDICT. I love finding and pinning unique pictures that give me inspiration on some level, and I have found tons of great recipes and tips on there. One of my favorite things to pin is pictures of Touch. I like pictures that show the sensuality, and passion of the human race, as well as the deep love and affection we hide in ourselves.

Join me on my Pinterest page to see what I’m up to, and occasionally I will share a photo I have found that has inspired something within me. Please take a second and looking at the picture add a comment telling me what you would Capture from this picture.

Live, Laugh and Love like today is your only chance~Always~Lori

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  1. Kaileen Dawson permalink

    Hi Lori,

    I came by your blog when I was googling for something else and I don’t regret it.

    Here’s my Picture Capturing scene I wrote. Although I have ask your forgiveness for any mistakes I made in my English grammar. English is not my first language 🙂

    Hope you like it!

    Love Kaileen Dawson


    When I saw Daniel standing in the main room a rush of relieve coursed through me. He stood with his back towards me and I saw him frowning furiously in the reflection of the big window. I couldn’t help myself and getting a little flustered from him standing there in his denim jeans with his gorgeous body on display.

    I looked him up and down and could feel my pussy clench a bit with the memory of feeling his body on top of mine. As I looked up again I saw that he didn’t frown anymore and was looking straight at me. I felt my face getting hot at being caught ogling him.

    Slowly I walked towards him, expecting him to turn around as I came closer. Except he didn’t turn around and my steps faltered. Why didn’t he turn around? I felt my brows furrow and the old insecure feelings came back with a vengeance. I couldn’t find any more clothing to pull on but the teddy he surprised me with the previous day. On a good day I wear a size eighteen… and I still couldn’t believe that he wanted me…

    Although he was still looking at me, he was standing there painstakingly still. I stopped completely and casted my eyes down. God, what if he didn’t want me anymore? Tears were welling up and I would have run if I didn’t catch him softly calling my name. Looking up I saw a small smile forming on his lips.

    As I started walking towards him again an idea began twirling in my head. I felt my face heating up again as I thought about it.

    When I stood behind him, I heard his breath hitch as I started caressing his sides and trailed towards his abs. I loved the feeling of his hard back against my breasts. He must have felt my puckered nipples against his back but still stood still.

    I began realizing that he wanted me to take the initiative and kept stroking him peck by peck. I kissed his back and kept caressing him. Hmm, I could feel him tense as I slid down and started toying with zipper. His bulge became bigger with every move I made. I saw in the reflection of the window that he clenched and unclenched his hands.

    A smile formed on my lips and apparently he must have felt it as he stopped me with only a harsh no. I felt my juices wetting my thighs and pressed them together to relieve some ache. But the only thing it did was make me feel more.

    He grabbed my hand and pulled them a bit higher . “Put them in my pockets” he ordered. I did as he said and started sliding my hands in his pockets. I guess my playtime was over…

  2. stickyquote permalink

    To me it looks like two people very much in love and wanting to hold onto every moment..

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