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Funnies: Sharp Line

by on July 20, 2012

Guy and girl meet at the Bar and are instantly attracted to each other. They Party all night and at the end decide to go back to his place to continue. Once there, they get passionate and start to make out. When the time is right, the girl finds the bedroom, gets undressed and gets under the covers of the bed, waiting for the guy who is now coming out of the bathroom. The guy walks in starts to undress and stops with just his shorts on, he reaches into his pants pocket an pulls out a magic marker and hands it to her.
She takes one look at it and says, “What’s this for, are you some kind of pervert?”
He drops his shorts, and gives her a sexy smile.
She smiles, but her eyes widen until she is staring in disbelief at his penis which hangs more than halfway to his knees. She then hears him say, “You’re going to have to draw a line somewhere baby….”

Keep Laughing~Lori

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  2. Oh dear! Yes, I laughed, loudly 🙂 🙂

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