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An Industry on the Brink—Five Mistakes that are Killing Traditional Publishing

by on July 18, 2012

I LOVED this article from Kristen Lamb, and I couldn’t resist sharing it on my own blog. It is so honest it’s nearly painful! Extremely thought provoking, and the comments are fiery and passionate. I love being a writer~Lori

Kristen Lamb's Blog

As many of you know, last week I was blessed enough to get to present at Thrillerfest, which is a conference held by the International Thriller Writers in the heart of New York City. What a blast and a WONDERFUL conference! If you ever get an opportunity to go, take it. Yet, now that I’m home, I feel compelled to share my observations and make the most of my $5000 investment. Why can’t you guys benefit, too, right?

Now that I have been to NY, talked to people and observed things first-hand, I feel I am in a better position to make an accurate analysis, so here are the five mistakes that I feel are killing traditional publishing.

Mistake #1—Fear

When I first arrived, there was almost a palpable feeling of dread, doom and gloom. I felt like agents, editors and even writers were refusing to acknowledge the pink elephant…

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