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Mature Rated Excerpt from Fire of the Wolf

by on July 13, 2012

Fire of the Wolf -Adult Excerpt

Just before they took their seats, Devin pulled her against him and kissed her with more passion than she had ever felt from him. She knew the other men watched them, and she decided she didn’t care. She tangled her fingers in his hair and held him close while they kissed. He stroked her tongue and swept his own into every part of her mouth. He nibbled her lips, and Caroline thought she was going to burst into flames.

“I think I’m going to need a fireman, babe, someone who can help me put out my fire.” She whispered the words, but heard the other guys at the table crack up as their keen wolf sense of hearing caught what she said.

“Damon, let’s go,” Devin demanded, and he winked at her before he turned back to the table full of men. “We’ll see you boys later at the den.”

With that he spun on his heels and tugged Caroline along with him as they left the bar for his truck. Caroline’s clit was humming, and her throat was tight. She needed to come so bad that she reached out and grabbed Damon as they all settled into the front seat of the truck. She was between the two men, and logically she knew that the truck wasn’t the best place to fuck, but she was out of her mind with desire. The kiss she gave Damon was mind-blowing, and pushed her over the edge of reason.

Damon kissed her back, wiping all doubts from her mind as he helped her move over to straddle his lap. Caroline could hear Devin’s growl as he watched the two of them making out next to him. She basked in their desire, knowing that they were as horny for her as she was for them.

Knowing Devin watched her turned her on, and she pushed her jeans and panties off of her legs. She moved over Damon, and pulled his cock from his jeans. He was hard as a post and dripped pre-cum all over her hand. She didn’t hesitate to impale herself on him, and he groaned loudly.

“Fuck, beautiful! You are so wet and hot, and you feel so damn good. Slow down or this will be over too fast!” She preened at his words, and threw her head back so that he could kiss along her neck and breasts as she rode him like an expert cowgirl. Her thighs gripped his hips tightly, and her Kegel muscles milked his cock. He pounded into her, triggering her to scream out an orgasm as he bit her hard nipple. As the wave of passion swamped her, he let go and released his seed into her womb. She collapsed against him, gasping at the intensity of the orgasm, and trying to get her head to quit spinning.

She looked over at Devin who drove, stoically looking at the road. He looked so tense that she almost giggled. He must have enjoyed the show judging by the bulge under his zipper. Before she could question herself, she moved off of Damon, and crouched on the seat with her head next to Devin’s lap. She reached out and unzipped his mammoth rod, wrapping her fingers around him tightly. She was turned on to see that her fingers didn’t quite meet around his thickness.

“Wow, sugar, what are you doing? We’re almost home, and I have to get us there in one piece.” She could hear his words, but she didn’t care what he said. She knew what she wanted, and she wouldn’t stop until she had it. She wanted her Alpha wolf to lose control. She needed him to let go of control and want her as much as she wanted him.

She ran her tongue around his red, throbbing cock head, and licked from his balls to the crown, tasting his seed. He was smoky and salty, and made her hotter than hell. She pulled him deep into her mouth, and started bobbing up and down on his cock. Her tongue tickled the spot where his crown met his shaft every time she pulled back, and he hit the back of her tonsils every time she pushed forward. He was groaning, and desperately trying to get them home quickly.

Caroline could feel Damon’s hands on her naked ass, and her dripping cunt as she worked Devin’s hard-on over. She pushed back against his fingers, and he stroked her from clit to anus, and back. Devin wrapped one hand in her loose hair after tossing her new hat to the floor, and forced her to swallow him deeper.

She focused on breathing through her nose, and she felt his length slip a little farther down her throat; pleased with his growl, she did it again. She ran her hand between his legs and squeezed his balls; it was just enough to push him over the edge, and he pumped her mouth full of cum. She swallowed every drop and licked him clean. Then she sat up and grinned at him.

“Sugar, if that’s the reward we get for taking you out, then prepare to have an active social life.” His breathing was rough and fast as he struggled to park the truck in their driveway. After pulling the keys from the ignition, he grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her against him to kiss her deeply. “Now get your sexy ass in the house. I need to fuck you.”

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FIRE OF THE WOLF Book 1 of The Gray Pack Series

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