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Real Men

by on July 5, 2012

Isn’t this ultimately what we as women want? Isn’t this the basis of a romance novel hero? A man who desire’s his woman so much, and treats his woman so well that other women are jealous of her good fortune?

I can’t imagine finding myself jealous of another woman’s man if he is constantly flirting with the ladies, and teasing his woman with it. That’s unattractive and immature. Men and Women are alike in their need to be found desirable by their mate, but we handle it differently. In my experience men who are loyal to their mate have no desire to make her jealous, and instead they are focused on making her happy.

I’m curious what my reader’s would say they want in the ultimate romance novel hero? Dominanting? Sensual? Passionate? Arrogant? Bossy? Submissive?

I know what I want, but what do you want?


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