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What a woman! Caroline-Heroine in Fire of the Wolf

by on June 26, 2012

As I said in my earlier post Devin and Damon Gray were too insistent for me to resist when it came to sharing the story of finding their mate, and when they introduced Caroline into my brain, I understood why. Caroline is a beautiful woman inside and out. She has suffered through tragedy, and triumphed to build a career as an emergency room nurse, and create a life for herself. When a terrible fire ravaged her apartment building it was Damon who pulled her from the burning building. Little did she understand the changes the impact that that one moment would have on her future.

She goes through a lot of internal struggle when Devin and Damon share their secrets with her, and fear of suffering the grief she has felt in the past wedges between her and her destined mates. As I wrote her story I was proud to see her stand strong behind her beliefs and desires. She fell in love with the dominant nature of two Alpha werewolves, but in a strange way she brought out their softer gentler nature as well. It also helps that just being near the two sexy twins makes her blood boil, and her pussy ache. J

I think I fell in love with her as much as with her men. She was easy to find a photo inspiration of because she shares Reese Witherspoon’s heart shaped face and loving personality. I hope you look forward to meeting her as much as she does you!

Live, Laugh  & Love like today is your only chance!


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