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Inspiration: Devin & Damon Gray

by on June 24, 2012

 I know this sounds like crazy talk, but I’ve heard that other authors feel the same way so I THINK I’m completely sane.  When I get the inspiration for a story, it’s usually because I hear my characters in my head. They talk to me, slowly introducing themselves and their friends and family to me like a new friend. No I don’t have chats with them, I’m not schizophrenic, and they don’t tell me to do things. They are just there. A part of my subconsciousness that in certain cases gets more overwhelming than others.

That’s what happened with Devin Gray. Devin is the Alpha wolf for The Gray Pack, and he started telling me his story right around Christmas time. He has an identical twin brother Damon who was just as opinionated about how I share their story as Devin. They introduced their mate Caroline Trainor; an emergency room nurse, to me and explained that they held careers as Firefighters as well as led a large pack of werewolves, and I admit I was hooked.

I started writing their story, and it turned into my new book Fire of the Wolf which is the story of the twin’s rescue and subsequent seduction of Caroline. Just imagine two sexy Alpha males who just happen to own Fireman’s uniforms both seducing you with unwavering determination. What woman would argue?

Well Caroline isn’t your average woman, and being asked to become a werewolf isn’t the sexiest fantasy in her mind. When pushed she pushes back until their whole world is upended, and she is attacked.

I’ve attached a picture that Devin pointed out when I was writing about them. He swears this is a mirror image of he and Damon. If it is then Caroline is a lucky lucky woman!

Maybe I will show you her picture tomorrow. They will make beautiful children! I hope you will read their story when it releases in July on .

Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!


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