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Manuscript returned from Editor

by on June 21, 2012

I received an email from the Editor at Siren Publishing that included my erotic romance novel Fire of the Wolf, in it’s edited glory. This is the first time I have seen the book formated for e-readers, and the first specific feedback I have received from Siren-outside of the offer to publish of course. 🙂 After I stopped climbing the walls in my excitment; I settled in to read through the editors notes, and the changes that needed to be made. I learned three things right away.

1. I have to learn how to punctuate, because apparently I suck at it.

2. I have to research “Head Hopping” and learn how to avoid it.

3. The Editor really enjoyed my story. Enough to leave the following note for me:

The plot of this book is incredibly strong and sets a solid foundation for an exciting and engaging series. The development of every aspect of the plot is done meticulously. The details surrounding the eight original wolf packs allow the reader to fully engage in the paranormal aspect, and the history behind the rift between Barton and Devin develops their animosity nicely. Each character is also equally developed, and their reasons for doing everything are justified and explained. The personal histories of both Liam and Caroline play important roles in whythey are how they are, and this allows the reader to fully engage in their stories.action and moments of suspense are excellent throughout and will have readers flying through the pages to find out what happens next. Every moment of action from the original fire to Barton’s attempted attack has such visual and nerve-wracking action.hey are how they are, and this allows the reader to fully engage in their stories.

This seems delightfully encouraging as I just completed the rough draft of the second novel in the series, and I am hoping to submit it for consideration in the next couple of weeks. Now I’m just dying to see the cover art! The book is still set to release July 29th on and I will be updating you regularly via the blog and the Facebook page.

As always Live, Laugh, and Love!

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